Tough Week Already


Well Monday started out pretty well.  Had a great leg workout.  Was running late on time, due to tiredness, so I was forced to push myself with little breaks, like less than 30 seconds.  And honestly, I kind of like it better that way ;)  Otherwise I lounge around, because honestly I am just a lazy person hahaha, and I can’t help it.


Yes!! I still got some leg definition going on :D. I was defiantly sore on Tuesday and was wobbling all over campus.

I had my first Chem exam on Tuesday, and needless to say, when I was done, I didn’t feel too good about it.  Let’s just say I like to stress, I can’t help it, it’s what I do and I’m honestly trying to work on it, but geez-us it’s damn hard.  So you can imagine how stressed out I was after I was done.  I ended up skipping English and going home and crying.  Just doing what I do best ya’ll.

I ended up getting it together, finally figure outsome of my math homework, or at least enough to let me get a passing grade on the homework so I could move onto the quiz, and I ended up getting a 100% on the quiz.  I have no idea how that even worked out.  But I was happy about it :) Made me feel a little better about my situation, at least enough to calm down.


And because I didn’t have anything planned to write about, and the week has been crappy so far (I am not going to let it be crappy the rest of the week though!) I decided to add some random pictures :).  Little Miss, she fell asleep in the sink and in the drawer this past weekend.  She’s so odd.  The sink was while I was doing my nails (like I said in Monday’s post), and this one was while I was doing my makeup on Sunday.  I don’t think she sleeps well when it’s just me in the house, I guess next time I’ll have to make Taylor stay with me hahaha just for her.


A week or so ago, when I cut my Gma’s hair, her and my mom were talking about how much my brother has always loved babies.  I guess, from what they said, he just wasn’t cool with me at first, he just didn’t quite like me, then once he held me, he was attached ;) I was his baby.  And my mom babysat my cousin when we were a lot younger, and she had just put her down for a nap, and she started crying.  My brother heard her, and comes carrying her (and this baby was more than half his size), and my mom asked him what he was doing and all he had to say was “She was crying!” hahaha.  He just cared a lot.  And to this day, I can touch or hold a baby and it cries instantly, cool with me I guess haha, and he can sit there and play with them, hold them, they smile at him, they just LOVE him!!!

Tell me something you or a family member did when you were younger :)

How’s the week going for you??

8 thoughts on “Tough Week Already

    • Thank you :) it took me a couple of years to figure and accept what I’d have to give up to get it, but some of us (me) are slow haha. Aw thanks :) she defiantly loves all the photos that get taken of her, any attention is better than none in the cat world right ;)?

  1. Sorry this has been a tough week already my friend. I feel for you – when a test sucks it really just eats up your emotions for the rest of the week. It’s so crappy. Glad you’re not going to let it ruin the rest of your week though. Super good!
    Yes, your legs look fabulous!!! I wish I had some definition like that! I have got to start working on muscle building so I can be stronger!
    Little Miss is precious and if that picture doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will! :)

    • That is exactly it! I didn’t know how to describe it quite right yesterday. Thanks!!! Sprints!!! Well sprints for me are HIIT runs haha.
      She defiantly helped yesterday, until she scratched me, little turd. I still cuddled her though, I’m horrible at disciplining her haha

  2. My son use to dote on his baby sister until about the age of one, but once she started walking and going into his room he wasn’t so keen, haha. The funny thing is that I think she used to love deliberately annoying him by going into his room.

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