Wasabi & Soy Sauce Anyone?


Friday started out with a great arms and shoulder workout.  I am finally conquering my fear of going up in weight (I’m a girl, and yes I still have that “I don’t want to get all buff” fear).  The proof is in all the girls I see on instagram. I love their dedication and the results it gets them, but the only way they got there was by lifting heavy and pushing their bodies.  So I’m going to try to do that :)

I was suppose to go to Pilates afterward, but no one was there…..No one waiting outside the room, no teacher, NADA.  So I went and did math homework and just decided oh well, it was meant to be, I’ll ask questions Monday haha.

I have no pictures of my run unfortunately, I’m sad about this, I was impressed with how I did on it. I do know the mile times though! I made sure to memorize every pace everytime I changed it!

Mile 1 -> 9:13

Mile 2-3 -> 9:05

Mile 3-5 -> 8:59

Mile 5-5.10 -> 8:49

My run was planned to be 6 miles, I started out a lot faster than I thought I was going, but everything about it just felt right.  It felt good, no shin pain (which is normal for me since the injury), no knee or ankle pain, my breathing was right. It was dream like…..Literally the perfect run.  Until the end haha.  I haven’t pushed myself that hard in such a long time, since 10th grade, which was 5 years ago, right before my injury.  I suddenly at 5.10 miles got this weird urge, like something was going to come up.  Now I never throw up, like ever! So I really didn’t think it was going to happen, except it tried to come up a second time.  And then I just knew it was going to happen.  I jumped off the treadmill, got jerked back because I was still attached to the treadmill via headphones, tried to rip them out, finally did haha, and raced to the bathroom as I held my breath so I wouldn’t vomit all over the carpet.  I mean, I hate cleaning up my animals puke, so I defiantly didn’t want to clean mine up hahaha.  Seriously, throwing up hurts.  I hate it. But I felt loads better after :)  I’m going to take this as a positive, I now know I can push myself to places I haven’t been, I think I’m broken through a wall.


Saturday I saw this at Safeway, I knew it was a must! I had to try it.  Anything that says Caesar Salad on it and I’m obsessed. Confession: I’m obsessed with caesar salad dressing.  I can’t help it, I can’t say no to it, and I’m perfectly okay with that.  Unfortunately, this dressing just wasn’t as good as I thought. I had mixed some of my dark mixed greens with their romaine lettuce, and added my own chicken and their parmesan to btw.  But yeah, I just don’t think that anyone can beat Togo’s caesar salad.  Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put crack in that stuff, it’s sooooo addictingly good!!


This Little One has been cuddly all weekend, and all week actually.  I love it :) I’ll take what I can get from her hahaha. Anytime she isn’t in a pissy mood (all because her toy isn’t working) is a good day with her.  I like Happy Missy, she’s fun to be around, and like I keep telling her, no one likes a turd, so be nice.

*disclaimer, I never take advantage of my cat, it’s pretty much the other way, she takes advantage of me all the time*


I also came across these little things.  I’m so pysched to cook chicken the this caribbean jerk spice!! I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing ;)  And these almonds, ugh to die for.  I ate half the can in one sitting.  Hey don’t judge me, I was hungry, and they are addicting, so it’s only natural that that happens :) and let’s just say eating a ton of those nuts plus the caesar salad just wasn’t a good idea, but stomach was a little on edge the rest of the day.  Plus I seriously think I need to detox from the caesar salads for a while and just eat non processed sh*t haha.


Saturday I spent 5 hours on my Medical Terminology Midterm.  Yes yes, you read that right.  5 hours.  My brain was fried after that, I couldn’t tell if I was hungry, or tired, I didn’t know what to do after I was done.  I think I did pretty good. I’ll defiantly be letting you guys know when I find out, and maybe share what we had to do too, but only if you really want to see it!

Sunday was spent doing my English midterm. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to give a take home midterm??? I thought they were suppose to be in class only, not in class and take home. Anyways, I finished that, but had to take multiple breaks. I’m not sure what it is about English, but I always feel so confused about anything we have to do haha, but I notice the more confused I am, the better I do, hey I’ll take it!!

What’d you do this weekend??

What’s your favorite flavor of almonds?? 

4 thoughts on “Wasabi & Soy Sauce Anyone?

  1. What a cute picture of you in those glasses my adorable friend! :) All your school talk is frying MY brain and I’m not remotely close to being in school! AH! I feel your pain! Hopefully you killed that midterm! Do let us know! :)
    What a great run girly! Those are great paces! And your muscles – damnnn! You are getttttin it! So wonderful!
    Agh I gotta say – those almonds were a bit disappointing. Rebekah and I had them a few times but I feel like they miss the mark of being delicious by a little bit. But yes – nuts will always put my tum tum on edge! :)

  2. Aw thank you :) I’m sorry hahaha!! I will defiantly be letting you guys know, especially after what I found out yesterday! Thank you! I’m slowly creeping my way towards your pace!!! Thanks! It finally feels good to see some progress after working my butt off day after after!! They do don’t they? The more I eat them, I am noticing that, there is something missing that needs to make me crave them all the time, and I’m not. At least I’m not the only one :)

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