Oh What’s Up Bro?


I’m not sure why I did this on Friday, her birthday isn’t until March, but oh well.  I find it oh so funny and it literally makes me laugh out loud. She has way too many faces for her own good.


So I made pumpkin ice cream…kinda.  For some reason, when this one is in the ice cream maker churning, it doesn’t thicken. I haven’t figured this one out yet, but if you want the recipe just email me and I would be happy to give it to you :).  I ended up just pouring it into a container and letting freezing, and it still tasted good :) It was a bit icy, but we devoured it anyways!


Saturday involved a run that I like to say tried to kill me.  Seriously, this run sucked the life out! I like to think it was a good run then, anything that challenges me is good :) And my ass was defiantly sore from all the HIIT runs hahaha


Oh yeah, this was enjoyed not once,but twice this weekend.  Way more times than it should have been, but I enjoyed it and that is all that matter. Freakin’ love Togo’s!!! I got my usual Caesar Salad, and Taylor got the pulled pork wrap, his always smells better than mine, but nothing beats caesar dressing ;)


And because one picture of Missy wouldn’t be enough (I’m seriously as bad as someone with a human child, and I’m okay with that :)). She’s such a chill little kitty, she’s like “what’s up bro”. Okay I’ve been listening to Taylor talk to his roommates too much, sorry for that hahaha.


Sunday we made a trip to Petco, hoping to find Missy some new bling bling (necklace aka collar). And instead I found these. I was soooo close to buying them, buuuuutttt I know my animals, and the only one that ever wore this kind of stuff and was okay with it was the now dead dog Daisy.  Oh how I miss her odd personality and dressing her up at the holidays.  I really want to go back and the sushi one for Missy :).

P.S. I’m looking to change the design of the blog, so don’t be surprised if you come back and it is different :)

Do your animals let you dress them up??

Do you have a favorite item you always get off a menu??

What’d you do this weekend??

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2 thoughts on “Oh What’s Up Bro?

  1. That second picture on the top of little miss is absolutely amazing! I love those faces! She has such a personality and you make me love cats (mostly though, just love yours!). I want a place like Togo’s! All your talk about it makes it sound amazing! And yay to pumpkin ice cream, albeit a little icy, I’m sure it was delish! GOOD JOB on all your HIIT runs lately! I need to get in some of that action on the treadmill this week… Hmmm.. Maybe Thursday!
    My dog gets so cold that I feel it necessary to dress him up over the winter time to keep him warm! I don’t think he likes it but I pay the bills so he’ll do what I want!! haha! Have a fabulous Tuesday pretty face!

    • Hahaha my brother likes that one too! She really does, she is one of a kind :). I think you would really get along with her and possibly want steal her from me. That’s so dumb that there isn’t any over there, someone needs to start one up, it is amazing!!! True, it is :) Now I have a huge tub of it all to myself! JK I have to share with Taylor haha. Thank you :) DO IT!! You won’t regret it!! Hahahahahahahahaha that is a good point, until he starts paying some bills, he will have to just deal with it ;) Enjoy your Tuesday pretty lady :)

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