Food Galore


Friday started out pretty good.  Mainly because I knew Taylor was coming into town and well, it was Friday, why not be happy :).  Pre workout abs and Post workout abs in the above picture.  Weird, my pre abs almost look better haha more visible, could be lighting, I’m not sure.  And these green shorts! I got them about 3 years ago, and they were comfy then, but when I put them on Friday, it was the first time since I had gotten them that they actually fit loosely.  I only share this to further add to my point the wonderful-ness of lifting heavy.  It does the body some good :)  And because I was super tired from Poodles keeping me up, and I’m sick and tired of waiting for winter, it was defiantly a beanie kind of day.


And fun fact! If you drink protein shakes (you know, add whey powder to milk or water), I’ve learned how to make it taste like brownie batter.  Not sure if this is going to make my sweet tooth worse or better haha.  But do one cup of milk, one scoop of chocolate whey powder, and add 2 tablespoons of cacao powder, mix, set in freezer.  When done working out and showering, pull it out of the freezer and enjoy :)


Once I was done with Pilates, I decided it was best to not go to Math.  The teacher is driving me crazy, and I have a feeling I would have done something I regretted haha……Once Taylor finally got home, we went and did our favorite thing…….GROCERY SHOPPING :D!!!!! I saw that Trader Joe’s has Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s. Don’t they look amazing???? I almost got them, but last time I I got the regular Joe-Joe’s I got a little sick, so that was a negative.  Then I finally got the Cookie Butter chocolate bar!!!! Seriously, AMAZING. I recommend that everyone get this!!! The best.  Just beware, it might cause addiction.


Yum!! We made Turkey Meatballs.  They ended up being a little dry because Taylor and I got distracted and forgot about them because we we’re having a serious life talk.  But after a couple, you didn’t really notice the dry-ness :)


Saturday was just spent relaxing and catching up on our shows.  Sunday we ventured out to do some retail shopping for me, and get him a little dessert from Jamba Juice.  I ended getting a skirt that is normally around $20 for $5 :).  Oh yeah, new favorite skirt.  Thank god in California we don’t know what winter is yet hahaha.

While out and about, because I am Hypoglycemic, for some reason my blood sugar tends to drop quicker on the days I don’t workout, so I wasn’t really able to think straight, so we opted to go get something to eat from whole foods, which for me meant something with carbs, like a luna bar, which btw – their luna protein: cookie dough bar does not taste good.  It reminded me of when companies were first trying to make good flavored protein bars and they didn’t taste good.  Their chocolate and peanut butter one taste like a snickers, which = heaven <3.  Anywho, we got salads, because ugh seriously they have the best toppings ever! I tried their cabbage salad as a topping.  BEST DECISION EVER.


And later that evening, because I have talked about my cornbread so much to Taylor, and we’ve been dating for 4.5 years, AAAANNNNDDDD he’s never tried it, I figured it was about time I finally stop saying I’m going to make it for him and actually do it.  And it was a win, he loved it.  He was speechless.

How was your weekend??

Favorite topping from whole foods to put on/Ever had one of their pastries from the bakery??

Their homemade croutons are super good too! And the GIANT cream puff sandwiches always look too good to be true, along with their eclairs!

Have you tried the cookie butter dark chocolate bar??

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