Some Things I’m Loving Lately

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Some Things I’m Loving

1. My hair. For reasons I can explain :) First of all, it’s finally getting longer. Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this day. I really do think that my mood affects it’s growth. I know my mood affects my progress physically, and when I was in Cosmetology School it wouldn’t grow – I wasn’t happy then. Now I’m beyond happy everyday. Love that I’m back in school. Love that I’m going for what I want now. Plus the haircolor is finally, I think about half way down my hair :D

2. My Protein Shakes. They are so chocolatey. And just hit the spot after my workouts. But I’m mainly in love them because it’s chocolate. Need I say more??

3. Pilates. Seriously. I’ve only been taking this class for 3 days (or 1 week) now. And it is already my favorite class of all time. Now, I’m not surprised that is is, I was that girl in High School that was the only one who tried. It was my favorite class then and still is, what can I say, I love being active :)

4. Working Out. This week, I literally killed my workouts and buried them. I was just into it, and feeling it. Or it could have been because I didn’t have time to really deely-dally around and had to get to it. Either way, it resulted in me actually wanting to lift waits (I’m always down for a run).

5. My New Workout Tanks. These shirts are seriously the If your looking for a tank for weight lifting, pilates, yoga, or some workout like that, they are perfect (you can get them at Target). I’m not sure how they are with running. I don’t want to get a whole bunch of sweat on them and make them super dirty like I do all my other workout shirts.

6. Trail Mix 2.0. I love homemade trail mixes. I know technically there really isn’t a difference between homemade ones and ones you buy. But I love making my own. Probably because I don’t really care for cranberries or m&m’s in mine lol. But coconut, almonds and dark chocolate, I don’t think it gets better than this :)

Tell me what some your favorites are this week!!

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4 thoughts on “Some Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. GET IT GIRL!!! I love pilates too!!! Awesome that you rocked your workouts all week. That’s the best! :) Your hair looks amazing, so does that trail mix, and what are the workout tanks you’re talking about? They sound amazing but you never said where you got them/what they look like!

    Thanks for linking up :) Sorry that the button thing is funky. I’m trying to resolve that issue right now.


    • It’s so great! I wish I would have started sooner! It really was, but it has left me super tired today lol. Aw thanks :) OMG. I will change that ASAP, I got them from Target!!! They also have some Lululemon look alike ones as well!
      NP, It’s ok, it’ll all workout :)

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