Oh You Best Believe


Ah, leg day was Monday, oh what fun that was! I’m trying not to let this cold kick my butt, so I pushed through the workout and got it done! Besides, leg day is my favorite :) And all weekend, it was all I could think of, so I figured it would be bad if I just decided not to do.


After working out, Taylor came over, (Hooray for 3 day weekends!) and we got started on our homework. Not kidding you when I saw this, we spent 5 hours straight on homework. 5 hours! I don’t know, but that just seems like a lot to me, and I defiantly should have put some breaks in there. Because when I was done, my brain literally felt fried haha. Around 4:30 we decided to go for a walk, especially since we had spent all day inside. I was thinking we’d go 1 mile, but that always slowly turns into 3 miles, we just get lost in our talks.


Oh and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this spoiled pup, she always has to have her fan on haha even when she’s sleeping.

So I was doing some thinking the other night, and this is what happens when your cold is coming back with a vengeance hahaha

1. I get super excited every night to get ready for bed so I can read.  I don’t get to read any other time, because I don’t have time.  And I a HUGE book worm.  So every night I literally race through everything (brushing my teeth, washing my face etc.) just so I can have more time to read.
2. I decided to have a pep talk with myself Monday night, with that I have decided to prove myself wrong since I love proving others wrong. I want to be happy, I like being happy, so I’m going to give it my all and try my darnest to pass this chem class. Hopefully I will prove myself wrong and pass :) I’m just going to go into with a positive attitude, that should help.


Monday evening, when Taylor was leaving this is what one side of the sky looked like (top), and the other looked like (bottom).  Doesn’t it look like the sky is on fire?? I told Taylor, oh hey, the apocalypse is happening, his response, “why does it always have to happen when I’m leaving?” Love that guy :)


And Tuesday I had off too, so I had a 4 day weekend, which was nice :) I did my HIIT run.  I was so happy that it was a short run, my body was so achy.  Hopefully this cold just goes away, I mean, I can’t be sick forever!

I surprised myself and finished all my homework, and even got a little ahead ;) so I took the rest of the day off to rest and mindlessly watch reality shows, my favorite!!!

Off to class today, last Friday my Pilates teacher (instructor?) told us that on Wednesday, because we missed class on Monday, that we were going to be going hard.  I hope he was joking haha.  I just want some nice stretching. Oh well, I’ll still love it either way!

Did anyone else have sky that looked like that??

Does your pet need a fan 90% of the day??

Who else loves leg day??

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8 thoughts on “Oh You Best Believe

    • Hahaha same here!! It’s been 3 weeks!!! Which is forever in my books! Stats is so much better! I’m thrilled to say that I’m understanding it :) Ah it really does!! That after workout soreness, it’s great hahaha

  1. i love reading too. :) whatcha reading right now?

    that does look like there’s a fire somewhere. yikes! just look out for zombies lol. we had a huge wildfire in july that made the skies look red and super scary.

    none of my pets have a fan, but one of my cats has a toy that we call his baby because he has to have it with him.

    leg days are my fav. but that’s probably because all my strength is lower body. i’m still learning to love upper body days in general.

    • It’s this series called the House Of Night, I got hooked on it in high school lol and there are just so many books in the series, I still haven’t finished it.

      I was on the look out and kept expecting to be woke up that night! It really is scary, especially when you don’t know what’s going on.

      Aw that’s cute :) my cat is like that with her bird, I’m always telling her to get her baby, makes me wish we would have bred her, she would have been a great mom :)

      Same here! I have the problem of using my legs instead of abs in a lot of workouts, so I’m trying to learn to control other muscles. It’ll get better :) I use to hate arm days, but now I’m obsessed with it all!

  2. Haha, walks always turn into longer than what they’re supposed to be when you’re in good company! Happened to me a few weeks ago – 1 turned into 4! Whoops! :) So wonderful. Good for you for pushing through the cold! I can’t believe it’s been with you this long! I LOVE a good HIIT workout so that looks amazing!
    My pet doesn’t need a fan, in fact, he would hate that, but he does need to be tucked in every night. His bed is a bunch of blankets and human pillows and he needs to be under the blankets on the pillows. He’s a huge brat and I love every ounce of it! After all, I created it! :)

    • They really do!! But at least it’s never regretted :D. Me either! The last time I was sick this long was in high, I got sick every cross country season for a month. I’m always craving them anymore, they are just (easier?) quicker!
      Aw, that’s adorable! That’s exactly how I feel about my cat! The bf is always calling her brat, and I always tell him, that’s why I love her, she reminds me of me too much hahaha.

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