Ah, Minty Freshness


Oh my, can she get any cuter. I love little furry faces.


I just had to!! I know I pained them this color back in May, but I love it too much!! I mean, it is one my favorite colors :) It is, Sorbet Mint, by Sally Hansen Extreme Wear. If I could paint them this color all the time, I really would. I never get tired of Pastels, and especially not Mint. Plus it really does hold up to it’s name. It lasts at least a week! Which for me is great!! Plus this makes me want some Mint Froyo real bad!!

Speaking of Froyo, I had the weirdest craving the other day. All I wanted was a GIANT donut from this little ol’ place we have here in California called apple hill. You can buy pumpkins (you cut them off the vine yourself, and I’m talking giant pumpkins!), pick your own apples, buy giant caramel apples, and then they have these legendary (I’m pretty sure I’m making this up about them being legendary) donuts. Not kidding you, they are the size of….half a piece of paper. That’s the only comparison I have since they are rectangular haha I’ve never been so sick but so happy in my life. Ok, anyways, I was craving one of those giant donuts, with a HUGE bowl of froyo on the side. Sounds amazing right???


So this isn’t the best picture, but I ran into the tv stand Wednesday morning. I have not been awake all this week. I’ve just been happy and out of it haha geez that makes it sound like I’m on drugs, I swear I’m not. So literally, a minute after I walked into the stand, the bruise was forming. And the rest of the day it was puffy and swollen. It didn’t even hurt that bad, so I’m a little shocked at how nasty it looks.


You see that???? That is fog :) I knew it was suppose to be cool the rest of the week. But it just made my morning when I was driving to school and I could see all that fog. I think Fall is trying it’s hardest to come a little sooner ;) I really hope it shows up soon, I’m dying, literally (from the heat) for some cooler whether. I’m tired of my shirts sticking to me because I’m always a sweaty hot mess. The poor people in my classes, have to see my sweaty face and smell my awesome-ness everyday.


This was my planned run for Thursday.

Here’s what was suppose to happen:

  • Mile 0-.5 {6.0 mph}
  • Mile .5-1 {6.2 mph}
  • Mile 1-1.5 {6.4 mph}
  • Mile 1.5-2 {6.6 mph}
  • Mile 2-2.5 {6.8 mph}
  • Mile 2.5-3 {7.0 mph}
  • Mile 3-3.5 {7.2 mph}
  • Mile 3.5-4 {7.4 mph}
  • Mile 4-4.5 {7.6 mph}
  • Mile 4.5-5 {7.8 mph}
  • Mile 5-5.5 {8.0 mph}
  • Mile 5.5-6.0 {8.2 mph}
  • Mile 6.0-6.5 {6.0 mph – cool down}

*I’ve only ever reached 8.0 mph in my HIIT runs, I don’t know what I was thinking*

I only ended up making it to 3.5.  And I’m actually okay with that,  just means I have room to improve :)  Plus, that run was like no other, it was super intense!! I may just try for it again on Saturday, maybe ;) To see a picture of my sweaty hot mess-ness after this run, click HERE


Oh hey look! I’m actually in REAL clothes!!! I feel like all I wear anymore is yoga pants, leggings, spandex, and workout tanks hahaha, because 1.  they are comfy as hell, 2.  I have that pilates class, and I don’t want to carry around clothes so I can change when I’m done, and 3.  I’m just lazy on the days I don’t have pilates haha.  It kind of felt nice to wear clothes, I defiantly got some stares from some people, it’s like they all know I never do this.

Ugh so much homework this weekend.  Well not really, just a take home math test that I will be done with in no time, and a english essay to write, and a writing response.  English is what is going to take me the longest.  Which is all kind of poop since it’s Taylor’s Birthday weekend.  He’s turning 22 ya’ll :)

Any plans for the weekend??

Planned any challenging workouts lately, and not been able to complete them, please share so I don’t feel so bad about not being able to complete mine haha.

What’s your favorite color??

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8 thoughts on “Ah, Minty Freshness

  1. Chelsea, Love the kitty! I have a friday Nail File/Kitty post today too! :)
    I love that mint. I’ve found the SH Xtreme wear polishes thick too.
    You sound really happy in your post, and it made me smile! :)

    • They are the best ones to add to a post. I feel like since it is so thick, that it is going to last twice as long, so I guess it’s all good!! Glad I could make you smile :) I’ve been feeling pretty good this week :)

  2. Wonderful color for the end of summer :) I feel like I’m rarely in regular clothes too. Either work clothes (which have become more and more casual over the summer, oops) and workout clothes. It just means you’re gettin it at the gym :) Also, you’re in school, so you deserve to be comfy! I can’t finish hardly any of the workouts I plan, so I stopped planning and I just do it now. Ha, that sounds so dumb. Have a good weekend, lover.

    • Ah that’s right! It’s the end of summer soon :D. I have a feeling I will be wearing bright colors all winter though ;). Hey, it’s all about being comfortable in the summer, which is one of the reasons I’m not a fan, I can’t have fun with fashion. True true :). Hahahaha no that actually made a lot of sense to me, I should probably just do and stop planning. You too :)

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