Sooo Much Sugar


I completely forgot to share this with you guys on Monday. Witness: Level 10 Beg Mode, she is on her way to level 11 very soon. She thought by looking cute, her cloudy little eyes could hypnotize us and allow her to have the cookie butter ice cream. I love her to death, but she is a fool.


HMmmmm, I think I’ve talked about this bar about a million times on here….but I just can’t justify it enough. It is amazing. This one, and the Chocolate Almond Fudge are the only two they put almond butter in. I even sent them an email telling them how they should hook up with Justin’s Almond butter and make an AAAHHHH-MAZING bar. They never emailed me back. I’m taking that as, they have considered what I say, and think I’m genius and will now make that bar. They are probably just working out the kinks ;)


Seriously, it’s no wonder I have acne hahaha I can’t get enough sugar, and I pick this form of sugar as my poison. I will drizzle honey on every almond as I eat it sometimes, but most the time, it’s just too time consuming so I don’t. But this has been sounding mighty fine lately, so it has happened a lot.


Monday was my meal prep day. I was slacking majorly this weekend. Mainly because I didn’t want to haha. Great excuse I know. SOooo then I had to do it Monday. I will be back to doing it Sundays next week. It sucked doing it on Monday. But hey, at least it made me get shit done! I already feel ahead of the week :)



Tuesday was my HIIT run day!!! It’s truly ridiculous how excited I get the night before.  I ran 2 miles in 16:20, giving me a pace of 8:10.  I’m pretty happy with that.  Because I could have gone longer, but I didn’t have time, so I will defiantly be doing a run similar tomorrow!  And to make Tuesday better, in Chem we were messing around with fire and I got to wear a scarf :)  If you know me pretty well, you know how obsessed I am with scarves.  I’m always trying to buy one any time I enter any kind of clothing store haha.



Seriously, it was such a beautiful day.  I even ate outside instead of in my car, and afterward, I sat there and did my homework.  By the time my next class was starting, it was getting a little warm hahaha.  But I’m happy I was able to enjoy the majority of my day outside, it makes me the happiest person alive to be outside.



Now let’s go back to Chem.  We got out of Lab early.  Which was nice, that allowed me to get so much of my time outside.  And there is this person in my class that trains dogs to be service dogs.  This one is hers. I’m not sure what he is used for though.  But isn’t he the most adorable?? He made eye contact with me, and my heart melted.  I want to run over and hug and pet this dog so badly.  I’m such a sucker for dogs.  His eyes remind me so much of Poodles, they both just move their awesome little eyebrows.


Well that’s all I got for today.  And today is Back Day!!!! I need to get back to doing pull-ups!


How’s the weather where you’re at??

Anyone else addicted to honey too??

Know a dog that says so much with their eyebrows??

4 thoughts on “Sooo Much Sugar

    • I tried agave once, it tasted super weird to me haha but that might have been because I was getting over a cold. Thank you! Omg! I’m not sure I would handle that well haha more props to you for doing any activity in that :)

  1. Oh my goodness those puppy eyes!!! I love them! My dog usually gives me that look and he usually wins with some food! I can’t resist sharing with him when he makes that sweet puppy face. Sometimes, though, I remind myself how much of a devil he can be so I’ll sometimes resist, ha!
    That looks like a gorgeous day outside! I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy being outside in that kind of perfect weather! I’m happy you got to do your homework outdoors in between classes and eat there too! That’s perfection right there (if you can find it in school, that has to be it, right?).
    I actually hate honey and I’m not a huge fan of almonds so these mixed together sound… not appealing haha! :) LOVE German Shepherds! They are so beautiful and sweet! I hate that you can’t pet service dogs! Those are the kind I want to pet the most!!
    Enjoy back day!!

  2. I do the same! I try not to make eye contact because they always win. That’s a good way to not feel bad about giving them any, I’ll have to remember that!
    It was!! Exactly, have to make the best of it :)
    Oh no! Aren’t they the fluffy-est teddy bears??? so darn adorable. Yes!! It always makes me want to pet them more!! Thank You :)

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