IIFYM? (Part 1)

So I’ve got a little controversial topic.  One that I’ve been thinking a lot about.  Especially since, a women I look up to has been posting a lot about it.  I won’t name names, names aren’t important.  But the topic is.

Clean Eating VS. IIFYM

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22. but I see a lot about this all over social media.  From instagram to twitter, I wouldn’t know about Facebook, I’m never on haha.  I’m seeing much of #cleaneats or #cleaneating anymore.  I’m seeing a whole lot of #IIFYM.  Maybe it’s just the people I’m following, I don’t know haha. But I do find it all interesting, and wonder why everyone is switching over to this.

I know everybody is different and different things work for people, so I guess I can’t question it too much why people are making the huge switch over, right? Right!  I just find the sudden, majority switching over odd.  That and I always wonder, what happened to just listening to our bodies?? If we’re craving sugar/carbs/whatever else, most of the time, it’s likely because our body is low in that and trying to tell us something.

Oh well, I’ll just have to continue to watch and see if this one is a keeper!  And just for kicks and giggles, here ya go….

Not going to lie I do say some of these……

And now onto a couple of things from this week!


Aw, this protein shake will never get old.  I will most likely end up using all my super rip bananas for these haha.  Oh well ;) It’s too good to pass up!  I mean, who doesn’t like bananas and chocolate?? Well I know one person….doesn’t count.


This snack will never get old!! The only thing missing was my shredded coconut…I need to get some ASAP before I start crying!

My run on Tuesday felt pretty fast.  It was another HIIT run, and instead of slacking and letting myself settle into the back of the treadmill I decided to push myself and see how fast I could go.  Especially after such a good run on Saturday, I felt a little more comfortable pushing myself on the treadmill (I’m always afraid I’m going to trip and fall and get burns).  Well I did pretty good :) 3 miles in 16:11, that makes for an 8:05 pace :D.  I was extremely sore afterward.  Couldn’t walk right the rest of the day, and at one point went to get up and my legs just didn’t want to.  But it sure felt good :)


And I got to enjoy lunch outside again!  That was awesome.  But I realized it always makes me dread my English class afterward.  If only I could convince him to take class outside….One day!!

What do you think about IIFYM??

I actually find it really interesting and would love to do it if I were not gluten intolerant.

What was your recent workout??

Anyone enjoy lunch outside recently?

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8 thoughts on “IIFYM? (Part 1)

  1. Definitely had to google that term! Haven’t seen it around or maybe I should thought it was gibberish. Will keep my eye out for it from now on.

    I’ve been on a trail mix kick for a few weeks now. I’ve been combining tried edamame, goji berries, coconut flakes (the ones from TJs are amazing!) and pistachios. Random but I literally can’t stop eating it!

    • Sorry!! I should have explained it, or maybe I’ll do that for another post! Let me know what you think about it!! I have a weird interest in it haha

      That sounds sooooo good!!! I’ve never had Goji Berries, I’ll have to try those. Trail mix defiantly is addicting :)

  2. I didn’t know what that stood for either, but clean eats is something I just say when i make something somewhat healthily. I am a firm believer in what you’ve said – everyone has something different that works for them. I don’t eat Paleo, for example, but I do love a lot of Paleo foods. :) Yay for your run girl!
    I LOVE THAT VIDEO! Haha Rebekah and I make fun of each other (though, we don’t do like anything in there) and say OMG IS THAT PALEO!? lol :)
    That’s a SUPER fast run! Good job!!! I just finished running a 10K and it was stellar! :)

    • Same here!! And I recently read an article where they went into what “clean eats” is!!! I was shocked by this but then thought, well everyone could very well consider it to be something different. At least your willing to try different things from different ways of eating!! I know a lot of people never would haha. It still cracks me up everytime I see it! Hahahahaha I do the same with my boyfriend. Thanks :)!!!!!! Ah I saw that!!!! I was so happy for you :)!!!!

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