A Tight Core??


Oh this one, she is being all sweet and nice to me lately….Makes me wonder what she’s up to, but I’ll take it!! I pet her, and massage her neck until she falls asleep, and this in turn relaxes me, win-win!!!


Monday’s leg session was good!! Although since I don’t have anything that hold my bar – meaning I have to lift it from the ground, and bring it up and over my shoulders and onto my back, my squats are really becoming a shoulder workout.  Needless to say I will not be going up in weight for a while, I’m content with 50 lb shoulder press haha.  I am focusing on tightening my core while I workout though.  I’m horrible at doing that haha, well unless the workout has something to do with my legs, then it’s a no brainer – I have legs of steel ;).  But this is to help prevent injury as well, and I already notice a difference in my back, it’s not as sore! So tighten those cores if you haven’t been!!!


Monday night I also got some major food prep done.  One big container of spaghetti squash, 4 containers of scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, and a little container of spaghetti squash ready to go for Tuesday’s lunch.  Spaghetti squash just makes me so happy :)


Tuesday’s run was an HIIT run, seriously, I’m stuck at this time.  The runs always kill me though, so I guess that’s all that matters haha but I still want to be running 2 mile in 12 minutes, one day, one day….

I’m half way through the semester, and honestly I feel so stressed out.  It’s weird, because I want nursing so badly, but it stresses me out like no other.  That in turn makes me wonder if this is the right career path. But because I have this mad desire for it, it confuses the hell out of me.  Oh well, I’ll figure it out either way I guess haha.

Oh hey, it’s Hump Day ;)

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3 thoughts on “A Tight Core??

    • Oh no! That’s a horrible thin to find out. My dog is like that, she’s nice to me and wants to be my best friend, but once I don’t have any more food, she goes back to ignoring me haha

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