Short story.  I ran into a girl that I clicked really well with in my Chem class on Tuesday, and she asked if I had dropped the class, because I didn’t tell anyone in the class, I just did it and never showed again hahaha.  She was telling me about how stressed she was (she was in the same boat as me – not understanding, and the teacher not helping), I felt bad that she couldn’t really afford to drop the class like I can.  But it did make me feel better to know that I defiantly made the right decision!


Yum! I put chocolate protein powder, cacao powder, and mocha coffee powder in this.  Seriously, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of adding the mocha powder sooner!! It was sooooo bomb :)


And Wednesday I was able to sit outside and so some Pilates homework, it was nice and breezy, I ALMOST didn’t go to math because it was that nice out.  But while I was sitting there, I had these little black birds circling me haha, I would look down at them and they would look right back at me.  Such beggars.  But had I had something to give I totally would have, I’m such a sucker for a begging animal hahaha


My aunt found the dog on the right.  Can’t find the owner, so now she has a new dog.  He’s a queensland heeler, 2 years old and a mini :).  Seriously he is so darn adorable. I can’t get enough of him!! He is the same kind of dog as mine, and there’s ^ Poodles, who look like a giant around him haha.  Poodles doesn’t quite know what to think of him yet, he kind of likes her a little too much, they will be getting him fixed soon hahaha.  At least this time Poodles ran up to him wagging her tail :)


And of course I had to put a picture of Little Miss in here ;) I was thrilled to see her FINALLY sleeping on her bed DURING the day.  Usually she sleeps under the bed, and only sleeps on her bed at night when she can be next to me.  Plus, how could you resist that face :)???

nail polish enthusiasts, unite!


I can never file my pointer finger right

Anyone else have this color?? It’s Frostbite by China Glaze.  Reminds me of a royal blue, just brighter with a tad bit more shimmer ;).  And I’m freakin’ in love with it!! I can’t help it guys, I’m falling more and more in love with China Glaze, and slowly leaving my beloved OPI behind.  You can’t beat the vibrant colors, and the fact that they dry so fast?? I mean, come on, I’m not patient enough to let polish dry so this is a win win!! PS. This took me 3 coats, but I should have just made the first 2 thicker ;)


HIIT runs are my challenge.  I’m learning more and more that this are just beyond hard for me.  Throw a 6 mile run at me for time, and I’ve got that in the bag, but 2-3 miles HIIT?? Super hard.  But hey, it’s good to be challenged :).  So my plan is to slowly increase to 3 miles, then 4 miles, and all the way until I get to 6.  I want my next 10K to be pretty badass, what can I say :)

Tri’s, Bi’s, and Shoulders are planned today, and a speedy 6 mile run is planned for tomorrow!!!!

Any races this weekend??

Favorite shade of blue to wear??

How’s the weather where you’re at??

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16 thoughts on “Frostbite

  1. Yeah, dropping classes is definitely a luxury and I absolutely did the same things! Glad running into her confirmed your decisions! :)
    YAY for your aunt for keeping the dog she found. That’s good people right there. And Little Miss looks super cozy, I want to snuggle up next to her and go back to sleep. :)
    Cute nails!! I never try bolder colors because my hands are SO ugly and I don’t want to draw any kind of attention to them.
    DANNNNG girl that was a fast run on the treadmill! :) Good work! Once my marathon is over, I’ll be doing like you and training to be FAST FAST FAST! Have a lovely weekend!

    • It is oddly one of the best feelings when you drop a class haha. She’s thrilled to be keeping him!! I always try to do that!! But she just wants water from the sink, so she gets up and waits at the door when they alarm goes off every morning hahaha. I doubt your hands are ugly!!! They look pretty to me!!! Thank you :) I’m jealous of your marathon training right now!! I wish I could be doing,but yay for speed runs!! HIIT RUNS FOR THE WIN :D!. Enjoy your weekend too :)

  2. Ooooh pretty color on your nails! I have a couple of blues like that, but I don’t think that any of them have the shimmer. Great job on your workouts! So I hope you don’t mind my asking, but are you sure that HIIT workouts are meant to be performed for as long a distance as 6 miles? I thought HIIT-style workouts were intended to be short? Just wondering if you’ve spoken with a trainer about it, I’m very curious to hear!!


    • I saw a blue you posted like this one a while ago, and I’ve been on the hunt ever since!! Well until now haha. Thanks! Honestly I’m not completely sure haha, I haven’t spoken to a trainer, I do my workouts based on me and what I can physically do. My HIIT runs are basically ran at a race pace for me, so I don’t see it as a problem since I have ran a 10k at a 8 min pace before :)

  3. Pea protein is my life :) Huge fan!! And I love mixing it with just enough water to make it pudding like!

    I won’t lie to you – the weather in LA is nice. I mean it’s cloudy until about 2 pm every day, but it’s warm enough where a light sweater will do and I am not battling freezing rain or snow!! Whoops, did I just jinx that?

  4. Puppies! Kitties! Nails! I LOVE THEM ALL! Hahaha! I’ve seen Frostbite but never picked it up. It looks WAY brighter on than it does in the bottle, so I think you’re convinced me! :)

    • They are the best :). Yay!! It looks brighter in the bottle than it does to me, but I guess it depends on the lighting too, in my “dark” room it doesn’t look to bright compared to the sunshine.

  5. I love that color blue! My nails need some major TLC at the moment. Do you run with your dog? I’m seriously considering adopting a dog within the next couple of months and I want a good breed to run with. No races for me this weekend- I’m in training for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon which is in two weeks!! The weather in North Carolina just got a little chilly, but it is still sunny, which is perfect for running outside!
    Have a good weekend :)

    • You should treat yourself :). I use to, but she is too old and her hips bother her now. Queensland heelers are defiantly good with distance running, I use to run her 5-6 miles and she did good, and when she was a puppy we had to run her twice a day! But because they are purebreeds, they come with problems :/. These are all possibilities, and not all have them: bad hips, bad hearing (because they are part dalmation), bad eyesight. And this all has a possibility of happening as they age. Great dog though, I love her to death, I’ve got a great bond with her :) Yay!! Good luck with it!! Seems like a lot of people are getting ready for either a half marathon or marathon, I’m super jealous! Perfect running weather!! Thanks, you too :)

  6. Wow that chocolaty goodness looks amazing! And the weather is getting cold for me :( I mean I like fall, but my body prefers a warmer temp. … oh well! I’ll try to make the best of it :)

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