Is That Such A Crime??


Flex Friday!!! I don’t know what is up with my left arm, it looks significantly smaller than my left hahaha I defiantly need to work on that asap!


And Friday was also a boot day :)  It was nice and cool.   And funny story, a guy in my math class ( that won’t leave me alone even though I avoid eye contact and ignore him. Hey I don’t want to get hit again, I always feel bad when I have to let them down!), asked me, “are you dressed up?”.  What?? For Halloween? Or just in general? No to both haha, and you just insulted me….I get it, I always wear yoga pants and leggings and sweatshirts and old running shirts to school. I’m sorry, I felt like getting dressed for once hahaha is that such a crime??


Oh yes, she stole Poodle’s bed.  What a turd! But she did look mighty comfy, and I almost went down there to cuddle with her, but I know better.  She doesn’t like to cuddle with anyone but Taylor, so I didn’t even try, and I just stared at her.


My run for Saturday! By default, because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, and because I procrastinate on Saturdays because the sooner I get my run done, the sooner I have to get to doing homework….anyways, HIIT is my default run. I was hungry, and I needed a run that was quick, and didn’t feel like seeing how far I could go in my increasing speed runs haha. I was happy with what I got done for not wanting to run :)



No No No! Don’t go look up what color this is, I want to surprise you on Friday :) But btw, it is a pretty awesome fall color in my opinion!


Well that pretty much sums up my weekend, just add in there a Skype date with my favorite :) and lots of homework, oh yeah I was on a roll! Finished off Chapter 14, then got half of Chapter 15 done in Medicaly Terminology, and now I only have to finish 15 and then do Chapter 16 for this week.  And now these chapters are not short! They total about 150 pages of writing and trying to memorize words! Plus I got my stupid reading response done for English.  And can I just say, I’m so over GE? Seriously, I want to get into my major already!!!!

And btw, my Medical Terminology Midterm, I got 100 out of 100, which brings my grade to an 98.11% now ;) I’m getting closer to that 100%.  I don’t think it will be possible since on two test I have missed 3 questions on each of them, but I’m striving for that! Now I just need to bump my B in english to an A!!!


What’d you do this weekend??

Get any new nail polishes lately??

Ever been insulted for actually putting some thought into what you wore??

4 thoughts on “Is That Such A Crime??

  1. Haha, I think my right side of my body is just generally stronger than my left… But I hope you get things evened out! :) either way, you’re looking strong and wonderful! LOL you got called out for wearing something other than yoga clothes? Awesome and hilarious. :)
    Great run! I don’t know how you do it… It’s so hard on that mill!
    ALSO only because you said don’t look it up, I looked it up and it’s super cute. Don’t hate me, are we still friends? Haha it’s an awesome color and I want it on my nails next time I get mine done. :)
    Have a wonderful Monday pretty face!

    • It really bothers me haha! I’m starting today to focus on getting my left stronger. And the sad part was, I was slightly embarassed, then quickly got a little irritated, who does he think he is??!
      I just keep telling myself the whole time, it’s only 20 minutes at max, but quicker if I go faster!! And I count down the number of laps I have left to go haha. Bahahahahaha I had a feeling you would, I’m not mad. It honestly was probably a better picture than I can get of it!!! Always still friends!! And glad you like it though :) Yay!!!! I can’t wait to see it!!!! Aw thanks :)

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