I’m A Believer

Now let’s back up since I decided to take a much needed break away from everything, social media, blogging….Okay, instagram doesn’t count hahaha and I only tweeted a little ;) But I wanted to just focus on Taylor and Family, and enjoy the little time I have with them.


Wednesday, was Back day, and honestly, I think I killed it.  Taylor on the other hand, killed the drink.  Taylor seriously must be from Texas, because he always goes big, and if he doesn’t, well, he goes home.  The picture on the right was only about 2 minutes after taking the one of the left haha but hey at least it looked pretty :)….I did 6 sets instead of 5 (Woohoo!!) of 4 reps, my back was pretty sore


Which leads me to my run on Thursday, for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to run outside when it’s in the 30’s (that’s freezing for us over here in California).  And it actually ended up being a great idea! I always run better in the cold, I think because I feel anything so I can’t feel how bad my legs hurt when I keep pushing them to go faster hahaha.  And I couldn’t feel how sore my back was, Win Win!!! I’m pretty sure I’ll either get my 5k in 21 minutes, or be close :)


And later at Thanksgiving, I found these outside Taylor’s Aunt’s house. I wanted to bring one inside….I’m an animal lover, I can’t help it!


Nail Polish for the bro’s girflfriend, got a bracelet at Charming Charlie’s for her too, and the big ol’ bag of hair care products!

And then this happened Friday.  Yes, yes, I kept saying and have said for yes that I’ll never go Black Friday shopping, mainly because I’ve heard of the crazies and didn’t want to deal with them.  But Taylor saw some prices he couldn’t ignore, so off we went.  We left around 11:30ish, and it actually wasn’t that bad!! I was shocked! We got my brother, his girlfriend, my mom, his dad, and his sister shopped for :D.  And I had to get some hair care products for my fam, and for once I actually left CosmoProf without buying any nail polish!! And of course I got hungry when we were out and about, so while at Target I snacked on that ALT Lara Bar.  Don’t worry, I bought it after I ate it ;).  I wasn’t expecting that bar to be so good!! It was literally like the ultimate trail mix bar,  I hate how trail mix bars are formed with some sugary sticky-ness, and this one wasn’t.  And it had the texture of bird seed, which I didn’t mind, I don’t like the big nuts that are normally in bars, they always hurt my jar. And it was defiantly lemony! It was super good, I think I found my new go-to bar :) Long story short, I am officially a believer, and will always be shopping on Black Friday now!


Then one Friday I went with Taylor’s family to have a second Thanksgiving-ish meal with the other side of his family.  We ate at this awesome place called, Kitchen 428.  And for once I didn’t get my beloved Caesar Salad, only because the dressing had dairy in is, otherwise I would have gotten it haha Instead I got a steak salad that had kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, and red onion with a Jalapeno Vinaigrette.  Um if I could find more yummy salads like this more often, I defiantly would be order them and not caesars haha And the building was just so pretty different.  The outside looked like an older building, which I loved, and the inside was decorated nicely.  They had Doors on the ceiling, a board made out of wine bottle corks, and my favorite, that little candle holder.  How cute is that?? Such a great idea.


On Saturday I made my brother and his girlfriend’s other half of their Christmas gift.  Cookies! Click HERE for the cookie recipe, and HERE for the Cookie Brownie recipe.  I liked the brownie cookies better, they just had a different taste and were soooooo addicting, I had to be careful I didn’t eat too much, otherwise I would have ended up sick.  Both are made with Cocoa Cookie Butter, half a jar in each batch, and that was the best idea I’ve ever made!!!  Then later that night, we had a family movie night, we watched World War Z, which I was shocked was so good!! And I was shocked all six of us fight on the couch.



On Sunday we went and got the Almond Milk Latte!!! I’ve never had anything from Peet’s before, but had heard that it is very strong.  I didn’t think it would be that strong since I was getting decaf……..yup I was wrong, way wrong.  It’s super strong.  I don’t think I will be getting Peet’s for a very long time haha but if I’m craving coffee a lot, then I know where to go :)!


Later we went to clean out my closet, you know, need more room for other clothes ;) He wanted to try on my leather jacket, I’m not sure why hahaha yeah, he needed help getting that off, and says he looks like Justin Bieber but a sexier version.

The rest of the  day was filled with more eating, and more movies.  Seriously, I’ve watched so many movies and shows, and ate so much this week, way more than I normally do for either! I enjoyed every moment of it though :) Ugh now back to reality – which means school :P


What’d you do for Thanksgiving??

Does your man every try on your clothes??

Who’s drank Peet’s before, and what do you think of it?? 


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