Monday Humor


Because sometimes Mondays can be one, and I hope this all made your Mondays off to a better start.  I freakin’ love this guy.


Anywho,  I got in a great workout Friday! Although, when I went inside I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes hahaha it was definitely a cold one!  I took these pictures to mark some progress for myself.  Yes I’ve lost some muscle, and yes I’m okay with that.  When injuries are on the line, I like to scale back and take it easy.  But I was pleased to see that I haven’t lost everything, my little one pack is still hanging in there (barely hahaha) and I’ve still got some muscle in my arms. Some is better than none, and that goes for working out too!  You see, I ijured my shoulders 2 years ago in swimming, and they pop all the time now.  And unfortunately lifting heavy makes them pop more, and with the popping comes pain.  So, I’ve gone done in weight in almost all my workouts, some like leg press, I haven’t, because they don’t effect my shoulder at all.  But from here, we will see what happens :).  Plus I have 755+ miles on my shoes…..not good hahaha I need some new ones, but I’m waiting for the after Christmas sales to buy some, so my runs last week all turned into longer sorta easier runs.  It was a nice change of pace to chill out on going hard all the time.  But I definitely miss pushing myself!


And when I came home early on Friday, I decided I should pull my book out and just read my little heart out! It was so relaxing, and Little Miss curled up next to me and slept, I was a happy camper :)


My run on Saturday was a little confusing.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I started out with a slow 1/2 mile which ended up being a warm up, and the rest of the 1.5 miles was HIIT.  I always have a hard time when I don’t do it for a week!


After my run I got to do some hair :).  Which is nice since I’ve been missing it lately! My aunt was tired of the blond and wanted some product that would make her hair soft.  So I bought her some Super Skinny (I talked about it HERE) we dyed it a chocolately brown and I curled it for her since her perm has grown out so much.  Total, it took me about 4 hours to do it, I’m slow and haven’t been doing it for a while so that was expected haha but my feet sure hurt afterward.  I forgot what it was like to stand on your feet for 4 hours straight. But she LOVED IT, and that’s what matters! I wasn’t sure she would like the color, but she was thrilled with it, and she loved how soft the Super Skinny made her hair.  And now I’m perming her hair next month, now that should be interesting haha.

All morning on Sunday I spent doing stupid math.  Seriously, I’m so over that class, can’t wait to get it over with! And I’m crossing my fingers I keep my A, but this take home final, hasn’t been easy, so I know all break I will checking for my grades! I’m desperate to know!

Other than that, I’ve been on Pinterest pinning like crazy, I finally see why everyone was so addicted to it for a while! And of course I had my usual Skype Date with Taylor, that’s always my favorite part of the weekend.

Who’s your favorite comedian??

Do you ever choose to have easy workout weeks?? Do you enjoy them??

Ever had your hair permed or thought about it??

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6 thoughts on “Monday Humor

  1. There’s a lot of times I have easy weeks, just which involve walking, or jogging. I have been doing really good with listening to my body.. it may sound silly, but when im mentally tired from school.. doing a tough workout just doesn’t seem to work, haha.

    I love your aunts new color! looks so silky!

    • Yes! I feel that is the best way to do, just listen and see how you feel. Omg no, I completely agree, it always feels like I’m beating myself down in a way when I’m tired from school and then do a hard workout.

      Thanks!! It felt that way thanks to Super Skinny :)

  2. You’re definitely not a child of the 70’s and 80’s like I am because you’d have to drag me through hell to get another perm in my lifetime! lol! I mean I hear they’re better now than they used to be but I’m terrified of taking that chance and reliving my poodle years. :) BTW you look great in those pics! I’d take your one pack anyway! Love what you did with your aunts hair.

    • I’m not haha but I would have to agree with you on that one, I would never do it either! Well I know they offer a better variety of different size rollers, ranging from poodle status all the way to big waves. Thanks :)

  3. My favorite is Mitch Hedberg. He was the best! Injuries suck and you’re smart to go down in weight. I always ease off at any sight of trouble just to make sure I don’t majorly eff anything up. Your aunt’s hair looks amazing! Seriously, so beautiful – good job! I highlighted and cut Meghan’s hair once and it took me forever. I probably shouldn’t have though bc I didn’t go to school for that, haha oh well. I’ve had easy workout weeks the last 3 weeks so it’s time to get into gear! My hair is naturally curly so I don’t think I’ll ever perm it. Have a wonderful week, pretty!

    • I shall go look him up!! Exactly!! That’s the best someone can do. I always think of it this way, workout easy for a while, or stop working out. Thank You :D!! Hey I’ve seen people who don’t do hair, do a great job on other’s hair! You might just have the touch, you know :). Get it girl!!! Hahaha no need for a perm. Aw thanks, you too :)

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