Holiday Randomness

Hey hey! It’s Friday :D. And Taylor comes home today, to say I’m excited is an understatement.  It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen him, and I can’t wait to just wrap my arms around him!


Thursday I did my HIIT run and I was actually able to do it faster than last week.  This one was an avg pace of 7:50, and yes I felt like I was dying the whole time.  Buuuutttt it was only about 15 minutes of my life, so at least I didn’t die long haha.


This is absolutely the main reason I love Christmas.  I love wrapping presents, and love giving them to people.  Especially when I know they will like it ;).  For Papi’s (my dad) I wrapped the actually box it’s in, then put it in another box and wrapped it one way, then flipped it over and wrapped it again.  I’m such a good daughter hahaha he’s going to have to take his time with it.


And because I am finally in the Christmas spirit (I’m not sure why it takes me so long, probably because with the sun out, it doesn’t feel like winter or Christmas to me) I decided to help Poodles feel all Christmassy :).  She loves her elf necklace.  I tried to put one on Missy, but she went a little crazy and was attacking it, so I had to take it off before I could even get a picture. Didn’t want her to hurt or choke herself, because I know that would be something she would do.

Click to go see awesome nails!


Up this week for my nails, drum roll please…….Delicate pink! I finally found the perfect shade of light pink.  It’s  a solid pink, not that fair almost transparent one I have, but it’s so light that you almost don’t notice it.  Guys, I’m in love with it! And guess which brand! China Glaze of course! Innocence is the name.  Although it did take 3 coats to get it to a solid color, just have to be careful with that! I noticed anytime I have to do 3 coats, even when they feel dry, they will still smudge or get  a dent.


On Wednesday I made the most bomb lunch! Okay lie, it was only half of my lunch.  I put a heaping pile of spaghetti squash into my bowl, then cut up a ton of salami and put it across the top, then heated t up for 60 seconds in the microwave.  It even made some crunchy :).  And because salami is greasy, when I mixed it all up, the spaghetti squash then had the salami flavor.  Ugh yum!  I’ve been saying this all over social media, but salami (and salsa) do really make everything taste better!


And because I found this hilarious….

Are you a salami lover too??

Does it take anyone else forever for it to feel like Christmas??

Tell me your holiday tradition!

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Randomness

  1. I have Innocence, too, and I find that I get better coverage when I use a coat of white underneath. There’s still three coats total, but there aren’t any streaks at all. Hope you’re having an awesome weekend with your man! And hahahahahaha, T-Rex’s arms are too small to do anything! ;)

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