Let’s Play Catch Up



I hope everyone had a great Christmas! This one got all dressed up in her hat for Christmas, although it only lasted about 5 seconds haha


I made Apple Crumble Cupcakes, and they were a hit! I wasn’t a fan of the cupcake, but the frosting was amazing!  The first time I did the recipe I messed up and added too many ingredients to my crumble so I had to scrape that and start all over.  I’ve never not been able to fix something when baking, so that left my ego a bit hurt haha.  But they turned out in the end.  Then Taylor’s mom asked me to make some cookies, they are referred to as different things by me, his mom, and his dad, haha so I’m not sure what they are.  But I’ve always known them as Mexican Wedding Cookies.  My aunt use to make them every Christmas, they just melt in your mom, and there is literally only 4 ingredients in them!



Everyone knows the way to my heart, I got tons of food for Christmas, was quite the happy camper.  And I finally got to try this awesome chocolate that I always eyeball in Trader Joe’s.  I’ve only had the 72% so far, but it’s soooooooo goood.  Any time I’m craving something a little sweeter I will definitely be going for this from now one!



This year we were able to have two Christmases. Which was nice, instead of having to split up the day, we got more time with each side of the family.  We spent Christmas Eve with his family, were many laughs happened, which I loved.  That is the one thing I love the most about his family, laughing is always going on with them.  It makes for a very fun and enjoyable time :).  That is also were outfit #1 happened.  Then on Christmas day we spent it with my family.  Taylor came over to workout that morning, then afterward he opened presents with us, then went and opened presents with his family, then came back over.  And Outfit #2 happened on this day.  I had to make sure I was wearing something that would be comfortable for all the food I ate.

Speaking of food, I actually was able to keep everything fairly clean! This year I decided I’m not going to restrict myself, since it always leads to me wanting it all more, obviously that isn’t working.  So I gave myself those 2 days to eat whatever the hell I pleased, and I only ate See’s Candy haha.  Surprisingly it helped a lot with my cravings, and when I did indulge in a little ice cream and some muddie buddies, I felt bad at first, but then reminded myself, I don’t eat like this all year around, it’s okay every once in a while.



Of course I had to get my workouts in :).  I’m pretty much a crazy person without them, and I have too much energy without them and won’t sleep, so it was a must.  The first time is from my HIIT run on Tuesday (Xmas Eve), I went faster than I had, switched between 7.3 and 8.3 this time and finished with an avg pace of 7:48 :).  The bottom is my post Xmas run, I decided to just take it easy since I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking going shopping.  Which I will share about my finds next week!  On Xmas day I got in a quick back workout, which you would think would have been nothing.  Oh no, next time go without breaks and you will be out of breath! Killer!



Here’s a couple of my finds from yesterday :).  Muscle and Fitness: Hers, and Marie Claire, because I love chicks that workout and I love me some Katy Perry.  I’m trying to save these for the weekend, but I’m having a hard time keeping myself away from them!!!


P.S. I made a funny video of Taylor, click HERE to see it, hope you enjoy :)


How was your Christmas??

Favorite dessert you ate??

Favorite Magazine??

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Catch Up

  1. Your Christmas sounds really nice! How nice that you two could spend so much time together! My Christmas was fantastic! Very relaxing though we’ve been out and about all three days! My favorite dessert was my husband’s aunt’s cheesecake! I had a piece of it and loved every bite! If it was not so inappropriate behavior I would have licked the plate for sure ;-)

    • It was really great!
      Those are the best!! Able to stay busy yet still relaxing. Yum that sounds good!!! Ahahaha I love when desserts are that good, but am always disappointed when I can’t lick the plate

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