An Old Married Couple


This post is all over the place haha but here is what I’ve been up to the past couple of days! Oh and don’t forget to check out my new tab Benefits Of…!! Well my baby biceps are back!  It’s been over a month since I was using the 12 lb dumbbells, and you can definitely tell a significant change haha. Oh well, at least my vein is still there and there is still muscle! I would definitely be sad if there was nothing left!


It’s been so weird having Taylor home for so long.  Not a bad weird, a good weird :).  And poodles loves it, she now has a better chance of getting food hahaha, but it means we have to fight her more for food too.  It’s going to be really bad when I finally get my pugs…

And just a random fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that Taylor and I are an old married couple.  Saturday and Sunday we were sitting there all day just watching Family Feud haha  Hey it’s a good show! I think it would be a fun one to be on :)


Oh and I’m back to watching this fool!! He’s actually getting better! I never thought I ever say that or write that.  But he listens (sometimes) when I say “no”, and he is a little bit calm, LITTLE BIT.  But hey I’ll take that! The dog and I have finally bonded, click HERE to see us sing.


And OMG, all this holiday food is really getting to me! Seriously, starting today I am fo sho doing the Paleo 30 day challenge.  I need to get back on track, and I need to get this food out of my system.  I seriously feel like crap as I write this haha.  These Chocolate bars were good though!! And they had very few ingredients in them, SCORE! I will be getting this when I’m craving sweeter chocolate instead of Dove Chocolate.


Ugh my run from Saturday.  Since I’m babysitting the dog, I decided to take him with me.  He went all out the first mile, then completely pooped out for the second.  Which completely SUCKED but was also really good! I usually have a hard time getting him to chill out, especially later in the day. I’ve walked him 5 miles, ran him 4 miles, then ran him 5 miles and he pooped out, but after all of these he always was super hyper in the afternoon, and sometimes an hour after doing them! So my last option was to run him for time.  And it worked!! He was sleeping a lot that day, it could also be because he is getting older, but either way, works for me!

Getting back on track with my eating starting today, and getting in a great leg workout, then heading on over to my Aunt’s house to do a perm, this is going to be interesting!

What’s your favorite brand of ice cream??

What does it take to tire out your animal?? I’m always looking for new activities to keep the dog interested!

Does your dog make any sounds like the dog I babysit??

2 thoughts on “An Old Married Couple

  1. Ha, my man and I are totally an old married couple also. We spent all day yesterday running errands and snuggling on the couch. :)
    This is exactly why I take my dog running – he is a hyper mess! If I don’t take him, he’s bouncy, neurotic, and ill behaved. I’d rather suck it up (he’s not always the best on runs, plenty of pee breaks) and sacrifice my best times to get the energy out of him. It’s worth it. And that’s a super fast pace lady! :) LOVE IT! Hope you had a merry Christmas! And have a safe New Year tomorrow!

    • I feel like errands and snuggling are the best though! Neurotic, that’s a great description haha. You have a good point, I guess ol luck it up and continue to run him! Aw thanks :). I hope you enjoying your holidays :)

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