Don’t Be Afraid


For the past week I’ve been watching this guy again.  I was shocked! They must have been working with him, or he is learning to listen to me because he wasn’t as bad as he normally is!!  He has the quite the personality too, loves to cuddle, loves attention, sometimes talks back, he loves huge trucks and people.  But by the last day, you could tell he was wanting his owners back haha wouldn’t acknowledge me very much and was very much in his own world thinking he could go wherever he damn well pleased.  Overall this time around I saw so much more improvement in him, but still got a headache everyday I spent with him.  At least he has cuteness on his side ;)


And because I’ve been spending all my time with the dog, I have been missing my little furry friend a lot.  And I could tell she was missing me too :).  She always tends to be extra cuddly when she doesn’t get much time with me.  And she found my new Trader Joe’s bag.  It had been hanging on my door for a good week, and suddenly she realized it was there haha.  Then she had to have it, and had to play in it.  Although she doesn’t want anything to do with it now, because I got her back on the box bandwagon but pushing her around the house in a box (it’s like her car, she loves it).

I recently posted this to Instagram.  I am in love with this quote.  For me it hits home.  Too often I let my fears of failing get in the way of doing what makes me happy.  I’m hoping to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone, and accept failure if it comes and just learn from it :)


About 3 weeks ago I finished this book.  It is definitely in my top 3 in my favorite books.  The author just did a great job of making you fall in love with the characters, and love the story.  Every night I would try to stay up later so I could read more.  I wanted more, but I never wanted it to end.  I may just have to go see what other books the author has written.  But beware if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you see the movie first then read the book, otherwise the movie is a bit of a let down!


And I also finally finished this one! I had to read it for English, and was honestly surprised. It was very good!  It was a mixture of learning, and falling in love with the people of the book, since it’s kind of like a biography.  I LOVE learning, so this book was right up my ally.  And the fact that it was about medical and science, that just kept it very interesting and never wanting to put it down!


I hadn’t done a 3 mile run in a week! I thought I might be going crazy, but all is well now :).  I just needed some ME time, and that’s what my runs were.  When running the dog I babysit, he is a bit frustrating the whole time, so I don’t exactly relax and enjoy myself.  So needless to say, I really enjoyed this run haha I started out at 6.4 mph, and ended at 7.2 for 3 miles.  And on Saturday, I think I may see how far I can go since I haven’t done that in a while!


My brother and his girlfriend got me this scarf and beanie for Christmas.  Seriously, they hit it on the head.  They both fit my fashion to a T.  I tend to dress a little “Tomboy-ish” and a little “girly” so these are both perfect pieces to help me expand :).  Plus I love the colors! I have a feeling this beanie is going to worn all throughout winter, spring, and as far as I can into summer.

Yay!! Look Look! It finally happened.  Taylor has finally decided to commit and be active on Instagram!!! You should go check him out, and maybe add him :)  I think I’m too excited for something so simple and boring to others haha but oh well.

How have your workouts been going??  Mine are going so much better! I’m finally getting back on track, and just enjoying my workouts again :D

Read any good books lately??

Which do you tend to lean toward, tomboy fashion or girly fashion??

What are you doing this weekend??  I’m hoping to mess around with a new ice cream recipe, and maybe make some coconut whipped cream ;)

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