So I recently ran out of my regular face wash, which is Neutrogena Naturals Cream Cleanser.  It has enough salicylic acid that it doesn’t make me break out more (by drying out my skin), but it doesn’t have too little where my skin will break out more.  So I had this left.  I had stopped using it, because after I got off acne pills my skin decided to go a little crazy and was breaking out.  A  year later my skin is doing a lot better, and if finally on it’s own cycle.  So I decided to try this out. Non drying, no harsh irritants, and vitamins?? I was hoping for the best!


A week of using this, and my skin has cleared up.  I think that has to do with the face wash not being too harsh, and I’m back to eating right.  Here is my before picture! No makeup whatsoever on.  I still have some pimples, but my skin is calmer.  Not as much redness, which is a huge plus!


Here is the after with makeup.  I’m using Covergirl BB Cream, gives my skin a little color.  My inner lid is lined with Almay black liquid liner, and Black L’oreal Voluminous mascara.  My favorite way to wear makeup, simple & basic.  I love when my skin is almost clear and calm, helps me to feel confident wearing little makeup.   I couldn’t be happier with this product.  If you have sensitive skin like mine or are on a budget and just need a simple face wash, I would definitely recommend!

*Disclaimer: I was not given this product, I bought this product and these are my own opinions.*

What’s your favorite skin products??

What’s your favorite way to wear makeup??

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4 thoughts on “•Simple•

  1. Oooh always looking for new face cleaners! I’m loyal to Clinique’s Acne cleanser line of products! They work great on sensitive skin and seriously help my acne!! Or breakouts. Or whatever you want to call it! I will have to check this stuff out, I’m sure it’s way cheaper too!

  2. I got this exact same face wash, and have been using it, too! LOVE it!! I have super sensitive skin, so the more “simple” it is, the better! :) You look fab, girl.


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