My Cat Does Pilates



Taylor had his Wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, and by Wednesday, he was wanting to get back in the gym, I swear he’s the guy version of me haha, I did the same thing when I got mine taken out.  I’m just happy he is doing so well :) Not too much pain!  But I convinced him to just take the whole week off, and he’ll hopefully be working out today.  But since he’s going out of his mind we’ve been going for walks.  Oh how I’ve missed my walks with him, they are always just so calming (even when I vent on them) and I always feel so much better after we are done.  Speaking of walking, I’ve decided to try the #100byVday!  I’m interested in seeing how close I get, since I’m not going to kill myself and risk an injury from running too much.



I had a great workout on Wednesday :D! I’ve gone down in weight in my pull downs so that I can focus on form.  Having bad form is one of the worst things you can do for your body! You risk injuries to not only the muscle you are working out, but other muscles that will compensate for you!  And beeeecccaaaauuuusssseeee I’ve been missing Pilates so much I made sure I did one after my heavier weights workout.  Speaking of Pilates, I have all the workouts, and warmups made, just need to take pictures to help explain the moves!!

I also had a really good 3 mile workout! I increased every half mile, and ended with a 8:43 pace.  Not my fastest, but I was sore during the whole run, so it did fell good :)


I managed to get a 40 minute workout in, and I was sore on Thursday!  I think next time I will focus on my stretching, I definitely need to get my flexibility back!  And this one was just happy to have me home a little longer than normal.  I’ve been spending all day at Taylor’s house taking care of him/helping him.  Can you tell she misses me?? She was trying to do my Pilates workout with me, right now she is sitting right next to me as I write this.  #Shadow hehe :).  I miss her, but this is helping her to get ready for next week when I have school!



It finally came!!! I was so happy when I saw this package.  For Christmas I wanted to get Taylor a Tom Brady jersey (since it’s his favorite team and player), and I could only find one.  Not even kidding, all the stores were out, except Sports Authority and Sports Chalet.  Sports Authority only allows you to buy online, and Sports Chalet only allows you to buy in store.  I wanted to see the jersey in person, so see how big or small the sizes are.  But when I went into Sports Chalet all they had was 1 Medium, 1 large, and 1 Xlarge.  I was a little frustrated since I didn’t think the medium would fit, but bought it anyways just in case I was wrong.  Besides, I could always return it ;).  That’s what we ended up doing.  Then last week I spent 30 minutes calling around to different places looking for it.  No one had any in stock.  So I checked online at Nike and they had it! I felt so dumb, they make the jersey, I should have just checked there the first time hahaha!  But at least he has it now!


Random thought, what do you guys think about me posting some of my treadmill workouts? I only have a couple, but it would make it more accessible to everyone, and easier to fine.  Let me know in the comments :)


Who’s your favorite team?? Patriots! And no, I’m not one of those girls who likes it because their boyfriend likes them, they were my team before I even knew him :P

Are you ready for my pilates workouts in a couple weeks?? I can’t wait to post them and get your guy’s feedback!!!

What are you doing this weekend?? I plan on taking the pictures for the Pilates moves/workout, I’m hoping the weather people are wrong and it doesn’t ran on Saturday haha.

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2 thoughts on “My Cat Does Pilates

  1. I get totally envious whenever I hear people talking about their cats — I’d love to have one, but I have dratted allergies :( And is it safe for me to admit that… I’m not a fan of football? I blame it on being Canadian — we’re hockey people :)

    • Aw I’m sorry :(. You could get a sphinx (hairless cats) though!!! Yes it is haha hockey is a good sport!! I’ve never watched it, but I use to play street hockey with my neighbor!

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