Pilates Wednesday – Booty & Leg!

Yay! So today is the first day of my Pilates Series this month!  I have included pictures of all of the workouts and warmups, except “bouncing”, because I figured that was self explainable :) Well, here we go!!

Remember to pick weight that is heavy to you.  It doesn’t have to be extremely heavy, but you don’t want to go extremely light either.  Pick one that gets your heart rate up, and you breathing hard :)  And remember to never push past something that hurts.  If it hurts, go lighter, if it’s stretching, don’t go as far down.  We don’t want any injuries, we just want everyone feeling good about the workout when they are done :)

Warmup #1

Bouncing With Arm Variations – Begin with bouncing on the bed, this is such a good way to begin warming up because it eases into everything.  The arm variations: After about 30-60 seconds of just bouncing, stick your arms out to the sides and move them up and down (while still bouncing), do this for 30 -60 seconds, then switch to them going across and back out to sides.  And lastly, move them front to back (like you’re sprinting).  Remember to elongate on them all, we want a nice stretch/warmup for all the muscles and joints :)


Make sure you are stand straight up, spine and neck straight, no hunched shoulders :).  Wrap your arms around both knees, for about 30-60 seconds, then separate your legs and wrap your arms around one leg for 30-60 seconds, then do the other.  This helps loosen/open up the lower back, and improve flexibility.


Stand up (spine and neck straight) tall, and move your arms around in a circle one way 8-12 times, then the other way.  This helps to loosen up your shoulders and arms.


Okay this one may be a little hard! So just beware, and try to keep your balance the best you can :).  For all of them you will hold them for 30-60 seconds, or as long as you can.  First stick your leg straight out in front, on top of the ball.  Roll far enough forward that you feel some pull in the back of your leg. Not where it hurts so bad, but enough for a stretch.  For the second one, you’re going to do the same, just with your leg straight out to the side, like you’re doing the splits.  Then the last one, stick your leg straight back, resting on the ball, and roll forward enough that you feel a good pull. Always remember to do what feels comfortable for YOU.

Booty & Leg Workout



THESE ARE MY FAVORITE!  I add these into every weight lifting workout.  Lay with your shins on the ball, and you’re in a plank position,  Then roll your legs in, then out.  That equals 1. Try to do 8-12, if you can’t do that, then that is perfectly fine, again, do what is comfortable for YOU.


Sit over the ball enough where you can hold yourself steady.  Then, doing one leg at a time, kick your leg straight up.  Make sure your leg is straight, along with your spine and neck.  We don’t need any injuries :). Do 8-12 reps per leg.


Stay in the same position.  This time when you kick up, keep your knee bent at a 90 degree angle. do this 8-12 times per leg.


Same position.  Start with your leg bent against the ball.  Then squeeze in against the ball as much as you can, and kick out!  Repeat 8-12 times per leg.


Okay, this was one that I never expected to feel, but I was sore the next day when I first started Pilates, but I was!  Start with your upper back/shoulder blades on the ball.  Knees behind toes.  Push your hips up so they are flat.  Then “squat” down, and push back up, squeezing your bum, hips pushed up!  Repeat 8-12 times.


And last but not least, balance :).  This is fun to try.  If you don’t feel comfortable trying, then that’s okay, do it when you are comfortable.  First start in a “4 Stance” (picture on the right).  To get to that position, I usually just place my knees behind the ball, then roll on top.  Once you have your balance, slowly start removing your hands and stand up on your knees.

Hope you all enjoy this, let me know how it goes :)

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9 thoughts on “Pilates Wednesday – Booty & Leg!

  1. Hello new favorite blog! I love how you do your workouts, I post mine the same way. It’s so frustrating to see a workout that sounds great, but then you have to research the moves- so thanks for posting the pics! Anything leg or booty related as far as workouts and I’m in :)

    • I’m happy you like it :). Ugh I’m the same way!!! I spend way more time researching than actually getting in a good workout, super frustrating. No problem :) I wanted everyone to be able to do it, plus I didn’t know how to describe so I figured pictures would explain better :). Hope you enjoy!!

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