Is It Monday Yet?

Oh yeah, I was saying that all weekend long haha never thought I’d be so happy to have a weekend over with.  But when you’re studying for 10 hours straight, you want nothing more than to take that damn test haha lucky for me my test aren’t until tomorrow and Wednesday #YayMe #WinningAtLife (can you tell how much I hate studying yet??)


Anyways, lets get to a few things over this weekend :).  I love salsa, like freakin’ love it.  It has my whole heart forever.  And because I love it, I am just now looking at the ingredients, hey if it was bad I didn’t want my world to be crushed and have to give it up!  But to my surprise, and utter happiness, it has no preservatives!! And I could pronounce all the ingredients and know what they are haha.  Win-win!


And my stack of note cards is getting bigger.  And to think, the first stack I made, was the size of the middle one!! Now it’s like 3 times its size haha.  These will be coming in very handy these next couple days.


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I got so many Benefits Of… post done this weekend! More than I expected.  Normally I am only able to get 2 done, but this time I was able to get 3 done!  I was just on a roll :).  And just so you all know, they will be back next month, on Wednesdays like normal.  For this month, my Pilates Series is just taking its place :)

20140208-170909.jpgAnd this was my run on Saturday.  I swear as the days go on, my 4 mile speedwork gets harder! I don’t know if it’s because maybe I am losing some muscle due to the longer distance, or maybe because my body doesn’t know which to run to get use to, the HIIT or speedwork, I’m going to hope for the latter haha.  But either way, I’m really enjoying my 4 mile runs because not only are they physically tough, but they are mentally tough, and right now I need something to take my mind off of school for a little bit.


Then Saturday I was off to studying at 10AM.  I wasn’t too sad about it at first, this is something I want extremely bad.  And I do like the class (anatomy), it’s just so much to remember.  I’m hoping come Wednesday it all pays off and I get a better grade than a 72% on the last test.  I really want to pass the class with an A or B.  At least I found out I’m pretty good at memorizing bones and their parts haha.  And ProCompression socks and yoga pants were a must this weekend.  Hey, if you’re going to be sitting and studying all day might as well be super comfy right?? Plus I love my chair at my desk.  I use my stability ball hahaha.  It helps me to keep my back straight for good posture, and then I don’t get uncomfortable the whole time I’m studying.  Plus it allows me to move around, and fidget so I stayed focused.  I swear I have ADHD.  And I would definitely be willing to take a test to find out!

This whole weekend I have been practicing patience.  Something I need majorly when it comes to studying.  If I don’t get something right away or am having trouble learning it, I tend to get very frustrated and don’t understand why I’m not getting.  Well 1st of all, I’m learning that some things will come easier than others.  For example, when it comes to our tissues in our body, I have the hardest time remember everything and anything about them, which sucks because it will be a major part of the test.  But I think it’s probably because honestly I don’t care about it haha.  I like things simple, “it does this, and this only.”  Not “it does this when it is here and does this when it is there….etc.”  But either way, I know I need to find a way to be patient and just take in everything I am reading and writing, and just try my hardest to remember everything.  Oh and I am one of those college students that doesn’t stay up til 2AM studying.  Nope, never going to happen.  I believe that health should come first.  Because I don’t function properly if I’m not taking care of myself, I won’t be memorizing or learning anything then haha.  Plus I feel that people going into the health or medical field should take care of their bodies, be an example.

What’d you do this weekend??

Are you a lover of Salsa?? If I was to have a last meal, it would probably be chips, salsa, and guac haha

How did you study in college?? I’m always looking for new ideas, since my methods aren’t working too well so far :)

12 thoughts on “Is It Monday Yet?

  1. Omg twin! I LOVE salsa SO MUCH! I can put it on anything and everything. However, I am incredibly picky about the kind of salsa I use… SO DARN GOOD!
    Yay for your four mile runs, that’s a really good point – while it’s challenging for you, it also takes your mind off your ridiculous school work load! I can’t imagine studying for all that time with all those note cards! And I hear ya on having to wait for those tests, that’s the worst ever!
    For school, the way I studied was to read everything and compile pages of notes, organized in the order the book was in. So I’d essentially write down key points and overall facts to be able to understand what the book was teaching. It was super effective because I wrote stuff down constantly which is always helpful in remembering. It’s almost like note cards but a bit more tedious. :)
    Good luck this week! You’ve got this girl!

    • Ah yes!!! I’m the same way. If the salsa doesn’t taste a certain way I will let you know and won’t eat it!!
      Oh multiple times this weekend I wanted to just burn everything haha, I did finally take a break on Sunday to Skype with the boyfriend, much needed laughs! Oooh I might have to try that!!! Thanks pretty lady :)

  2. I felt the same way in school, certain things just didn’t click and I would see others getting it but not me.. so frustrating! best way to break away from school work = a great workout, yay for 4 miles! that’s deff tough!

  3. Wow that’s a lot of note cards! It’s going to feel so good when your tests are over! I’m glad that you were able to get in a good run this weekend. That definitely takes your mind off of studying for a bit. Hang in there, it’ll be over soon!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

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