Pilates Wednesday – Chest & Back!

Remember to pick weight that is heavy to you.  It doesn’t have to be extremely heavy, but you don’t want to go extremely light either.  Pick one that gets your heart rate up, and you breathing hard :)  And remember to never push past something that hurts.  If it hurts, go lighter, if it’s stretching, don’t go as far down.  We don’t want any injuries, we just want everyone feeling good about the workout when they are done :)Warmup #2

Bouncing With Arm Variations – Begin with bouncing on the bed, this is such a good way to begin warming up because it eases into everything.  The arm variations: After about 30-60 seconds of just bouncing, stick your arms out to the sides and move them up and down (while still bouncing), do this for 30 -60 seconds, then switch to them going across and back out to sides.  And lastly, move them front to back (like you’re sprinting).  Remember to elongate on them all, we want a nice stretch/warmup for all the muscles and joints :)


Middle Push Out – Spread your legs as far as possible (remember, we aren’t trying to tear anything, just enough to feel the tension/pull :)), and push the ball out, after the first 30 seconds, deep breath in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, while exhaling push the ball out again, and hold until you reach a minute.


Sunset & Sunrise – Lay over the ball, and make sure you have your balance steady.  Begin by laying your hand under your other arm (top picture), then raise it, like a sunset: that equals 1, do 8-12 each arm.


Deep Lunges – You’re basically going to be doing a side lunge, but by using the ball.  You want to barely be sitting on the ball, you are kind of just using it to help keep your balance.  Once in position, go as deep/wide as possible, just to get a good pull (no injuries!). Hold 30-60 seconds each leg.

Chest & Back Workout


Chest Press – Lay with your upper back only on the ball, squeeze your bum and push your hips up (this engages your butt and core while doing chest).  Begin either with your arms down or up.  1 rep is when you are back to the place you started.  When you come down, make sure your arms are at a 90 degree angle, no further than!


Palms Up Pull Up – Begin with elbows in, arms down (pic on left) palms up, this is how you want to end.  Move your arms up, then pull down with force and squeeze your back, remember to keep your elbows in :).  Every pull down = 1 rep, do 8-12.


Chest Openers – Upper back only on the ball.  Squeeze bum, and push hips toward the sky.  Begin with arms slightly bent, holding them up straight (top pic).  Then open, and come back up.  That is 1 rep, do 8-12 of these.


Palms Up Row – Begin with your elbows in, palms up, back straight & shoulders not hunched, push them out, and when you pull back in, remember to squeeze you back muscles (shoulder blades).  Repeat 8-12 times


Push Up Feet Up – Personally one of  my favorites :).  Lay on the ball, your feet can be anywhere you want except the floor, and you can have them however you want, I just chose to have them up.  Roll forward into a push up, repeat 8-12 times


Touch Downs – Lay on the ball, allow your feet to help you keep your balance.  Begin with raising your arms straight out in front of you (8-12 reps), then raise your arms into a Y (8-12 reps), and last raise your arms straight out to the sides (8-12 reps)

I have made these where they alternate body parts so you can do them as a circuit :)  Remember, the reps I put is just a number, if you can’t do them or want to do more, then do that, always do what works for you!

Hope you all enjoy :)

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