Skinny Or Fit?

I took the weekend off from all social media for some much needed time with the boyfriend and because sometimes you just need time away from the internet and social media, so I’m here to talk about a “saying” I keep seeing being thrown around Social Media….

You know the saying, “Skinny girls look good in clothes, Fit girls look good naked”? I’m sure we’ve all heard it at some point. But after much thought, I really don’t like it.
In a way it is really degrading.

There are so many girls out there trying to conform to what society thinks we “should be”, and honestly I don’t think society can make up their damn minds. One second it is telling us we should be rail thin, then the next it’s telling us to have muscle, but not just any muscle, you must have a six pack and have definition everywhere.  And that reason being, because everyone’s opinion is different.  Everyone has a different idea of what is “sexy” to them, and what they prefer to look like.
Not going to lie, yes there are moments when society gets to me and I think badly of myself, it’s kind of hard not to when things are thrown in our faces all the time. Especially when society is built around technology nowadays.
I really think it needs to stop with everything. Why not actually just focus on health for once? Tell yourself you are beautiful, hell I still try to tell myself that even though my face is covered in acne (*side note: I really need to go see a dermatologist an see what’s up with my skin*), because les’ be honest, it really sucks when you feel down about ourselves, and secondly, who really has the time to feel bad about themselves when it could be spent having fun, laughing, making memories, and smiling.  Because seriously, you won’t see changes until you learn to be happy (there will be a post on why I believe this in the future, the near future…) and love yourself.

Fact: Turning your negative thoughts into positive ones, slowly, will turn into a habit.
We all have different bodies. Some girls are rail thin naturally. And I don’t think they should be judged for that, they change what genetics gave them, that’s just nature doin’ it’s thing. Then there are some girls who are “normal” (whatever this means) and aren’t rail thin, but aren’t over weight, they thin out easily and put weight in easily. And last but not least, there are things as girls who put muscle on easily, they would be the ones that society considers “big boned”.  Really now? Why does everything have to have a label, especially to our bodies.  Like I said before, everyone is different.  Everyone doesn’t necessary fit into a cookie cutter category.  Have you ever tried to figure out what body type you are? You know, the Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.  I tried it once, and I think I was between two (which btw I’ve always felt I was inbetween things, like sizes etc. I never felt I quite fit the size or shape that society wanted me to be).  And while I do agree that they do help you figure out how your body responds to different exercises (all depending on how you put weight on, how you take weight off, and how you put muscle on), I just don’t think we should be using categories for our bodies.  It always creates a very bad relationship between us and our bodies.  Instead we should probably just be trying to accept ourselves and showing some self love.

And I understand that these sayings are meant to encourage and inspire girls/women (and men/boys) to get active, but I feel that they could make them feel that they have to look a certain way. Hell I know they have for me, then I have to remind myself that I’m don’t look the same as the person next to me, we are all different. And that is fine if you want to work towards a goal if looking a certain way, I just think we should all do it in a healthy way.

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Skinny Or Fit?

  1. I completely agree with you, inspirational quotes should be kept at a positive and have no negatives. Never really thought about that quote like this though, but it makes perfect sense how you viewed it!

  2. I totally ranted on this quote “strong is the new skinny” awhile back because to me it’s just creating another ideal body image that now women have to strive for. I think it’s better than the stick thin model of the past, but still largely unattainable. Hopefully as more people keep talking about it there will more acceptance of exactly who we are at any shape

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