Thinking Out Loud #6

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Seriously, where did this week go???  I can’t believe it is already Thursday, but you won’t ever see me complaining about that ;)  Now onto some of my thoughts, I’ve needed to write this all out because I’ve had a lot of stress that I’m having a hard time containing lately.


Crazy Eyes Over Here

  • Oh Baby Miss :D.  I haven’t mentioned it yet, but she turned 5 this past Saturday!! I can’t believe she is already 5!  I still think of her as my little kitten.  Oh how I remember the day we brought her home.  She was scared to death of me hahaha now she isn’t afraid of me and does things just because I told her not too.  And I remember not being happy about bringing her home.  My mom surprised me when she picked me up from school that day, she was in the back seat.  I asked if I could take her out of the crate, and my mom was a little afraid and wasn’t really answering me, I didn’t understand why but preceded to open the cage and take her out (must be where Missy learned defiance from).  As soon as I saw her, I immediately understood why my mom wasn’t answering me, she looked just like the cat we had just put down 6 months prior.  The cat we put down had become sick one Saturday, and by the following Wednesday we had to put her down.  It was sudden, and to this day still am not over having to put her down.  Missy looks exactly like that cat.  I started to bawl.  I was confused as to why she looked like my old cat, I thought for a moment it was my old cat, but then quickly remembered it wasn’t possible.  Then it all quickly turned to anger.  I didn’t want another cat, especially one that looked like my previous one.  But at the same time, all I wanted was to have the bond with her that I had with my other cat.  I may not have the same bond, but we definitely have a bond, and I can’t imagine my life without Missy.  She is my barnacle and I love her to death :)


  • Um can I just say Eff yes?  I mean, I killed myself over this quiz.  And even after I finished the quiz, I went over and over it again, thinking I should have put more detail about the parts, told specifically where it was at.  But knew I shouldn’t stress too much, there was nothing I could do now.  Then I get this in lab, I wanted to hug the teacher so bad! I had to resist with every nerve ending in my body.  I was so happy, I wanted to scream and jump around.  But of course that isn’t acceptable haha so I just sat there quietly and yelled when I got home.  Hopefully my upcoming Exam will be as good as this one *fingers-crossed*!!!


  • I have a confession to make to you guys.  You know how I said a month ago that I was going to major in Exercise Science and become a Personal Trainer?  Well I’ve been talking to people, and all they tell me is there is no money to make.  This just completely confuses me.  And while I wouldn’t do a job because of money, I do want to be able to support myself and be stable.  I keep being told to follow my heart, but honestly, I have no idea what it is telling me.  I just want to love my job and be stable.  I know if I do nursing, I will eventually get certified as a Personal Trainer later on, but I’m not sure I want to go through nursing school.  Is this me being lazy? I’m not sure.  I just know how hard nursing school is, and I don’t want to do it unless I’m 100% on board.  And I know that I would have to work hard as a personal trainer, but I’m afraid that I won’t succeed at it.  It just seems to be up in the air no matter how hard I try.  It’s all just made me feel a little lost in everything.  And I don’t like being lost haha so it stresses me out a lot.  I know I want to help people, and both personal training and nursing do that.  I guess I just need to figure out in what way I want to help people.
  • But because of my stress, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately! Not the relaxing poses though.  Nope, I’ve been doing headstands with different leg variations haha it’s the one thing that gets my mind off of trying to figure out what I’m going to do.  Might as well be building a strong core and bettering myself physically since I can’t seem to figure out what I want to do with my life haha.

What have you heard about Personal Training??

Can you believe it’s already Thursday??  How’s your week been??

How are your workouts going this week??

Do you enjoy headstands??

Let’s get Connected! :)




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12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #6

  1. Some personal trainers make a lot of money! Just depends on the area and your ability to get clients! I’d go for! It will work itself out you might have to do something you don’t necessarily want to at first but everything will come together just have faith! My workouts are brutal! In a good way of course but oh so sore!

  2. I cant believe it Thursday already too! YIKES!

    I am not really sure about the PT, I think its like 50/50. And prob depends where you live/ gym your working at.

    I change my mind ALL the time bout what I wanna do, ugh.

    • I know right!!! I woke up yesterday thinking it was Monday then realized it was Wednesday and couldn’t believe it!! It’s so frustrating right?! And confusing haha

  3. I have a few friends who are PTs and they absolutely love it. I can definitely relate to your anxiety, though… I got a BA in psychology because I figured it was the safe route to go even though my passion for the field was dying. I ended up graduating and working for a few years before I realized that I was totally unhappy doing it. I took a leap of faith and started the journey towards becoming a certified health coach last year, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At the end of the day, it’s most important to do something that you love.

    • Thanks!! Isn’t it crazy how we can lose that ability so quickly! I haven’t done one in so long, I’m afraid to see how horrible it would look haha

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