Who Motivates You?

I was recently contacted by the American Recall Center, asking me who my motivation is for their “Who Keeps You Healthy” campaign.  I love that this company is all about helping others become healthy, so I agreed to share, because you know, we all started somewhere for some reason :)

So here we go!  As you all know, I was injured, and it took me 2 years to heal physically, but it took me longer to heal emotionally.  The whole time though, I had my boyfriend supporting me and helping me.  At first I started running because of course, I’m not afraid to admit it, I wanted to look good for him.  I was insecure, and didn’t want him to leave me for another girl because I didn’t look good.  This has nothing to do with The Boyfriend, he never made me feel like I wasn’t enough, it was my own insecurities and gaining weight while being injured that did this.


But he supported me anyways, even though he always told me that I was fine the way I was and he loved me no matter what size.  But this quickly become my new goal, to get the athletic ability and feel comfortable in my skin.  After about a year of just running, The Boyfriend helped me add some core work (planks, burpees, etc.) into my workouts.  And by this time he had started to get back on the workout train.  And while he was still here (before he went  off to school) we worked out and still do together.  For some reason when he is here I would rather just sit and talk to him all day than workout haha but he helps by reminding me how I’ll feel afterward, and by how grumpy I’ll be afterward haha.

 It’s nice knowing that he is coming over in the morning, so I figure why not workout, I get my workout in and I get to talk to him, Win-Win :)And now, knowing that he is being active helps keep me accountable sometimes, but mainly because when he comes home, I really enjoy playing basketball, going for our walks, and whatever else we do together – I want to be able to keep up with him.  And I want a healthy life, one that allows me to live with him and enjoy life, and I want to spend a long time with him :)


And the other people that keep me motivated is my family, (no picture, I like to keep them private).  I want to inspire them to eat better and get active.  It’s hard though, because you know, you don’t want to push it too much where they just don’t want to hear it.  And I know with most people, they are more likely to stick to something when they are the ones to decide that they want to do it.  I try not to say too much, but when they talk about it I definitely encourage!  And I’m hoping that by leading by example, it will rub off on them, because you know what? I want them to be around for awhile, I want to share so many memories with them (I’m already planning my speech to convince them to move down south to the beach with me haha) :) .  Plus I think they would feel a lot better physically, and just be all around happier people, and I see nothing wrong with that – and for me I love seeing people feel better physically and emotionally.  They say the couples that workout together stay together, so I think it would give them another (different) level of connection, plus something else they could enjoy together :)

Who Inspires/motivates you??

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3 thoughts on “Who Motivates You?

  1. Awe, sooo sweet!! Xoxo!! Love it!!
    My husband motivates me and inspires me everyday to be tough and strong and to get everything out of life that I want. He is my rock and a strong one at that!! ;)

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