1 Month Down

1 month down! And only 5 more to go!  I wasn’t sure when I first started with accutane if I wanted to document my journey, or even share any bit of it.  I wasn’t sure how I’d react to it, or how things would go at all.  But in the end, I decided it was a good idea, if anyone else is dealing with this problem, I hope to help them make the decision to make the jump and get it taken care of.

So, this all started about mid-February/March.  What I figured was just stress acne.  But as the months progressed it slowly got worse, my stress was getting worse, so I thought it had to be that.  I never once thought that it was cystic acne, I just figured it was because my class load was heavy and hard.  But come April I had spring break and I figured that it would go away, or at least almost away.  But it didn’t, it was still there and a little more than normal.  I just pushed it away even though my mom suggested I go see a doctor about it.  I wanted to wait until after school was out to see if it would go away, I “knew” it would.


Skip ahead this summer, it got way worse than I ever thought my skin would.  I did not adjust to the boyfriend being gone well, I decided it was a good idea to take two online classes { wrong }.  As one “pimple” would go down, 3 more would pop up.  They never fully went away, and almost every single one was painful.  My face was beyond puffy because of all the pimples that were deep in the skin.  These pictures don’t do it justice for how bad it was, but that’s probably a good thing, because it was gross lol.  My brother had cystic acne and my Uncle and cousin as well.  My cousin I just found out about.  They caught his very early on so there are no scars now.  I’m hoping for the same, and I think I may not get any, it’s already looking better :)


And here we are 1 month into it :)  I honestly could not be happier with the results. Here’s what has been affected due to the medication:

Dryness —> My hair is officially dry. Ugh this is my least favorite part haha.  I’m trying to grow my hair out so I have to be extremely careful now.  I knew this could happen, just wasn’t sure if and when.  I’m putting coconut oil on my hair once a week – I put it on before bed and sleep with it in, that way it gets plenty of time to soak in, then after my workout I just wash my hair like I normally would.  My lips have been peeling for….I think about 2-3 weeks.  This is just annoying, but I make sure I always have chapstick with me.  My scalp is peeling as well, that’s just awkward haha.  I have this one place above my top lip that peels, and every time it peels I bleed.  To prevent that, and prevent the dry noticeable skin at work, I put coconut oil on first, then my thick BB Cream { which is basically a tinted moisturizer }.  I try to make sure that I always have this on my face.  It always makes it feel so much better. And because my knees, yes my knees, are peeling, my excema is coming back.  But this time it’s kinda everywhere.  The doctor said it’s only because my skin is so dry. And again, my love of coconut oil comes into play, I just lather up in that and I’m good :)

+ Moodyness —>  I haven’t been too moody.  When I’m by myself, sometimes I find myself getting sad and just not happy, and I usually have a hard time being happy, I usually just sleep it off, or talk to the boyfriend on the phone.  But when I’m around people I feel like myself and am happy.

+ Mental Health —> My mental health is so much better!  Before I started, I was crying almost every night, I hated looking in the mirror, and wouldn’t go anywhere.  Which is very unlike me, I’m normally very outgoing and love going anywhere.  But it had messed with my confidence so much.  I don’t care what anyone thinks now, probably because it’s more subtle now, and a lot less of it.  I actually went into Trader Joe’s on Friday after my appointment with no makeup, nothing on my face, looking like the above picture { I can’t have anything on my face so the doctor can see what is going on with my skin }  I didn’t have a panic attack, my heart wasn’t racing, I wasn’t nervous.  I may have helped that I was with my mom { she has been my rock through this whole thing }.  I was happy and very proud of myself and being able to do this and not freaking out at all.  For me it was a huge step in the right direction.

+ Joints —> So I noticed pain in my knee within the first week, but that comes and goes.  I’m trying to make sure I stretch, but my muscles are a lot tighter than normal, so I’m not looking to get better right now.  Just looking to make sure I don’t pull anything.  When I do situps with a 10lb medicine ball I notice chest pain { the muscles }, and when I do situps I notice upper ab soreness.  I have the hardest time doing handstands now.  My body literally just feels weak.  But then there are days where I’m fine haha.

I guess my favorite part is that nothing is the same every day.  What happens and how I feel is different almost every day.  But this is all that I have noticed so far.  We decided not to up my medication yet, give the 40mg another month and see what happens.  If my face clears up even more, then I may not have to up it, but if it doesn’t clear up more then we have to up.  Which means the symptoms get stronger as well.  I’ll take another month of 40mg hahaha I’m not ready for stronger symptoms yet.

Obsessed, As Usual { Somethings I’m Loving Lately }

Woohoo it’s finally Friday :D. I’ve worked back to back shifts these past couple of days, one night shift, then the morning shift the following morning, so to say I’m tired is a little true haha.  But I’ve got my 1 month appointment today, so expect a post on it next week!  I’ve got some favorites to share so let’ get started!!! Linking up with Heather, Clare, & Katie!


+ Pugs —>  Okay, so it’s no secret that I’m crazy and uber obsessed with pugs.  But because of that, I just had to share my two favorite accounts that I follow on Instagram :).  LeslieAndDoug :  Super cute pug, his name is Doug The Pug ;), and her captions are hilarious!!  I just can’t get over his face and especially his smoosh face!  Next up : GrittyGracious :  okay they have two pugs, and one is slightly funnier.  Only because his face { top right } reminds me so much of an E-Wok { you know, from star wars! }.  I’ve loved those teddy bears from the moment I saw them, and then I find a pug that looks just like one, ugh heaven!  If you have time you need to check these guys out, I hope they make you laugh, or at the very least smile :)


+ Maaji Swimwear —>  This was a given right?  I finally received my order from Kayokoko Swimwear and am extremely thrilled with these pieces!  I’m not liking the 2015 line so far, so I kinda went a little over-board and order more pieces hahaha I have another top coming Friday :)  at least they were on sale though!! I know Becky would approve :).  I just have one question, I wasn’t fitting into the medium, so I order this top in a small, and it’s tight.  I am bloating.  Does anyone else have this problem??? I’m a worrier haha so I’m kinda freaking out.


+  Muscles —>  Okay, baby muscles haha.  I love that I’ve gone down in my weight, only by 2 pounds, but I’m still seeing results.  I think I need thank yoga for that.  I love my little shoulder vein, and I’m happy to see that it is here to stay :)  And also, I find it weird that because of yoga, I’ve found another love for my body.  It has given my so much appreciation for what it can do.  It challenges me mentally and physically every day, and honestly I love that.  I can finally see why people say it is a mind, body, and soul thing.  I would absolutely have to agree <3

What are your plans for this weekend??  

What are some of your favorites from this week??  

Are you pug obsessed  ??

Oh It’s Fall { TOL #25 & Healthy Habits }

Happy Thursday Loves!  I can’t believe it’s almost Friday! I have work today but nothing tomorrow since I have a doctor’s appointment, The Boyfriend comes into town late tomorrow night, then I’m babysitting Mr. Gus Saturday and Sunday and The Boyfriend is going to stay with me.  Which is super exciting for me because I love him and the 3 amigos to death and have been wanting to share them with him :).  But anywho, Here are my rambles.  Linking up with Ms. Amanda { TOL } & Ms. Katie { Healthy Habits } !!!


+ I had a dream about a pug last Sunday.  My obsession has finally taken it too far haha.  So if you have a pug, I might have dreamed about it, kidding!  I just can’t help my obsession.  Like, seriously, it is taking over my life!!!


+ Tazo posted this on instagram the other day.  Ugh I want it!! I’m not an apple pie fan, or any pie for that matter.  I just like the crust.  But on cool fall mornings this is all I crave <3.  Has anyone tried this before???  I really want a pumpkin spice latte, but know I will get super sick since my body is not use to all the chemicals, so I’m super nervous about that.  But I feel like this would do the trick!

+ Ooooorrr, I’ve got some ideas for pumpkin-yy recipes. healthified pumpkin bars, a pumpkin smoothie, and maybe some pumpkin cookies.  Oh wait!  Pumpkin protein pancakes! Oh stop it, I’m making myself crazy and now I need to get going on this.  This is going to have to happen! I mean asap, so look out for them in the coming weeks ;)  Not next week because I will be posting a coconut chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I’m a huge sucker for sweets, it’s ridiculous.


+  I posted this into a little collage the other day on Instagram, and I feel that I needed to just post it all alone.  Because a) I want to admire the beautiful and deliciousness of plantain protein pancakes.  Which once you go plantain you will never back!! Okay, well maybe you will if you prefer thinner and less dense pancakes.  I for one love thicker denser ones.  I actually really love waffles, but ours sucks so I just make pancakes hahaha.  Oh and did you notice the little creeper in the background? And b) they are good for you!!! Yes plantains have sugar in them, but with protein, it is a great source to refuel after a workout! Drizzle with some cinnamon and honey and you’re golden.

Pancake or Waffle, Thin or Thick?

Are as pumpkin obsessed as the rest of us??

Tell me something random :D !!

Benefits of Sleep

I’m huge on sleep.  I sleeping, and I’m always telling people to make sure they are getting AT LEAST 7 hours of it a night. No one has yet to ask me why they need to, but when I think about it, I actually don’t even know exactly why we need it.  I know it’s good because that is the time that our bodies are recovering from everything from that day, but other than that, I don’t have a clue!  So here we go, here are some of the benefits of getting that beauty rest :)

+ It keeps your heart healthy.  Lack of sleep has been related to the blood pressure and cholesterol getting worse – which are common factors of stroke and heart disease.

+ Studies have shown that it may help prevent against cancer.  Those who have to work night shifts will have differing levels of melatonin because they are exposed to light at night.  Light reduces our levels of melatonin, hence why we don’t fall asleep during the day. Melatonin is what makes us sleepy and tired.  It also appears to suppress the growth of tumors.

+ When you are not getting enough hours of sleep, this puts your body under stress – increasing your body’s blood pressure because it is now in “high alert”.  This then increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes.  The stress hormones can then make it harder to sleep.

+  The increase in stress hormones causes inflammation in the body, which causes you to be at more of a risk for a heart related problem.

+ Getting the right amount of sleep helps us be more alert.  This will help you to be able to be engaged in everything that you do and be active, which in return helps get another good nights rest.

+  It boosts your memory.  While we are sleeping, our minds are busy connecting all the dots of what happened that day.

+  Sleep has been seen to be a weight loss aid.  When you get less than 7 hours of sleep, it messes up the balance of all our hormones in our body. These are the hormones that are linked to our appetite.

+  Sleep also affects the levels of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is the happy hormone, so if you’re aren’t getting enough sleep you will be more likely to develop depression.

+  And last but not least, sleeping is the time your body needs to repair from everything that happened during the day.  It’s the only time our body is fully resting, and it takes advantage of that to repair damages that are caused by ultraviolet rays, stress, a hard workout, or just a really busy day!

How many hours of sleep do you normally get??

Paleo 2.0 { Tips & Tricks }

So I finally was able to finish the 30 day Paleo Challenge!!  I have been trying to do it for a year, but my cravings always got the best of me, which was such a pain in the butt to deal with!  But this summer I slowly got committed.  Allowed myself the time to learn what worked for me, since I had tried this summer and failed twice haha.  And now that I’ve got it all figured out, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to continue this for a lifetime, which splurges of course :).  But I’mhere to tell you guys my tips and tricks that really helped me commit to eating completely non-processed :)!


I just want to start by saying, I did mostly Paleo, some may not consider quinoa paleo, but I knew it was what I needed to be able to do this.  I quickly changed my plan to clean eating/non-processed/paleo.  Find what works for you.  If doing Paleo, sounds like something you would want to try, then do that! But listen to your body, if you feel sluggish or something isn’t right, then you need to change something so that you have energy and/or feel like yourself again. 

#1 —>  Water, Water, Water : This is a big one! Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just eat better, make sure you are drinking enough water!  There was so many times that my cravings would kick in { especially around that time of the month }, I would stick to my clean snack, and when eating my snack would realize that I hadn’t drank enough water.  But the days that I did drink enough water, I had no cravings!  Plus, if you don’t drink enough water, you will bloat due to water retention.  SO make sure you drink half your body weight, plus 8 ounces per 30 minutes that you sweat :).

#2 —>  Protein Pancakes : Okay I’ve done so many posts about protein pancakes/donuts.  Obviously I’m obsessed :)  But these really helped fight my cravings, and I have a huge sweet tooth, so for me this was very important.  I was getting the one thing that I always want, but not feeling physically ill { due to my food allergies } after eating them, plus for some reason when I sprinkled cinnamon on top, it made them taste sweeter, bonus :D !

#3 —>  Carbs : This is what led me to failing the first couple of times during the summer.  I wasn’t getting the same amount of carbs that I use to.  When you switch to Paleo, there are no breads – meaning, pasta, crackers, chips, sandwich bread, flour tortilla rolls, rice, etc. – allowed.  For me this meant kicking my beloved clif bars to the curb.  Which I actually did happily since they are slightly processed and I never did like the long list of ingredients in them.  But they have about 60g  of carbs in them, when you take that out, where I’m going to get them from?? Well I remember finding out earlier this year that quinoa is a seed and a complete protein, so I finally gave it a go.  And I loved it!! Plus I had energy again!  We need carbs to burn fat, so I knew that it was essential to get mine so that I would at least be hungry since before I wasn’t.

#4 —>  Be Active : I mean, how else are you going to see your body change.  And no I don’t mean physically.  I mean your energy levels – how much easier it is to get in a good workout when you are properly fueling yourself.  You won’t be as tired, which is always a huge plus right??  Of course you may see some physically results.  Which I’m not going to lie, when I saw the physical results, it made it much easier to continue.  You see good things happening to your body, which all lead to being emotionally happier.

#5 —>  Mood : And last but not least, mood.  Okay, is anyone else moody, or have certain things that just set them off?  I know I do, but for some reason, when I switched to eating non-processed, and learned what my body needed to feel good and be properly fueled all day long, I was a whole lot less moody.  Especially around that time of the month.  I have the hardest time dealing with things because normally everything either makes me mad or sad hahaha { it’s not fun for me or anyone else around me }. And just feeling like myself again – happy and excited for life, well, that may have just been the cherry on top for me <3

Ever gone non-processed??  

Ever tried Paleo??

Personal Survival Kit

Hey guys!! I randomly decided to take off last week, sometimes you just need a break you know?  I just started my job, and wanted to give myself last week to get settled into that and not worry about anything else.  Buuuuuttttttt, I’m back with a fun post for today!!

 Man Crates, is a company that helps you find the perfect gift for the man in your life! They obviously come in crates hahaha, and are filled with whatever you choose to buy.  You can shop by personality {ex: gamer, survivalist, athlete, etc. }.  These are seriously the cutest idea, and I don’t think anyone’s significant other would expect this coming!  They contacted me, asking me to pick 4-5 items that I consider my “do or die essentials”, so here they are :) :


1 —>  Yoga Mat : I mean obviously ;).  I can barely go a day without using it, so I couldn’t image a life without it.  Plus, if I ever need a cushion to sit on, it makes a perfect one haha.  But, yoga just makes my soul happy and calm, so I really need this one, probably more than all the others!

+ 2 —>  Guacamole : Okay honestly, I rarely talk about guacamole ever.  Buuuuuttttt  when I get a craving for it, well it’s a must – it can not be denied.  So this had to make the list because I always love guacamole!  Put a bowl in front of me, and I’ll easily get rid of it for you ;)  I’m pretty sure it’s the one thing I just can’t say no to.

+ 3 —>  Kombucha : Some say it tastes gross, others like me freakin’ love it!  I think it’s way better than any fruity sugary drink.  I have a hard time not drinking the whole bottle when I open it haha.  So this is something I need everyday.  Plus everything in it is good for your body, so what’s not to love, and why not drink this delicious little drink??

+ 4 —>  Protein Pancakes : Okay, I was late to train of protein pancakes obsessed, but now I’ll never leave.  They are so good!  Add a little cocoa powder to the batter, and LOADS of cinnamon on top, and you have yourself a delicious little treat post workout.  Or throughout the day :).  Plus, they help me fight sugar cravings a lot!  If you haven’t tried them yet, Here’s an easy recipe to get started :).

+ 5 —>  The Boyfriend : And last but not least The Boyfriend :).  Actually, this is the one thing I could not go a day without talking to.  He makes me world so calm, and he’s the reason I see things differently now.  He’s see’s something that a lot would see negatively, positively.  Plus he’s uber funny and always making me laugh, click Here for a video I posted.  I’ve honestly never been happier in my life <3 :).

Tell me 5 things you could not live without!! 

Peace & Calm { Something’s I’m Loving Lately }

Happy Friday!!! No work for me today, which means I get to spend the whole day with The Boyfriend :D.  And since it’s Friday, I’m here to share some of my favorites from this week!!  Linking up with Heather, Katie & Clare today :)


Frenchies —>  So The Boyfriend has decided that he wants a Frenchie now.  It makes sense, they are more active than pugs, and we are both very active, they don’t shed a ton whereas pugs do, and we both don’t want a dog that sheds a ton.  I still want a pug haha but we will see when that time comes.  I honestly don’t care either way, I love them both :)  But I’ve been loving pinning a million pictures of them for that reason ;).  And I’ve been reading a ton on both breeds so that maybe in a couple years we’ll be able to make a decision.  I’m OCD and a planner, put those two together and you get me who plans years ahead haha.


Instagram: TinyDevotions

Dream Catchers —>  I’ve always loved dream catchers, and once I found out that both Great Grandmothers were native american, I just loved them even more.  It’s like they were suddenly apart of me :).  Plus with all the colors they come in, who couldn’t like them.  Just are just pretty and mystical.  And this picture just captures that and also peace and calm.  Peace and Calm are what I’m constantly looking for, which isn’t what my home is about, and is the main reason I’m really looking forward to moving out in a year.



Wrap Bracelets —> I’m just thrilled that I finally finished these!  The pink one is just my favorite, I absolutely love it!! And the teal one, Oh Em Gee, how can you not love that bright and vibrant color next to the brown leather wrap.  I started on a lilac one yesterday, and hopefully that will be in the shop today or Sunday!!


2 Weeks —>  I’m officially 2 weeks into my Accutane!! Haven’t noticed really any side effects.  My knee bothers me somethings, and there is barely any peeling.  But my skin has cleared up so much! And smoothed out.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time it was this smooth and had no bumps under the skin and wasn’t in pain.  I had to give blood on Wednesday because my liver enzymes were a little high { they were a 31, normally they should be a 29 }.  Accutane is hard on the liver, so my doctor just wanted to make sure that everything was going to be fine once I started.


Instagram: RawNToned

Challenge —>  I was tagged by Katie to #StopDropAndSelfie!! It’s just a fun little spin on the Stop Drop And Yoga hashtag going around :). It was 5:30 in the morning and I was oil pulling, hence the weird face haha. With all of that being said, I challenge you all to #StopDropAndSelfie today!! Make sure you tag me { @RawNToned } so I can see!!

What are some of your favorites from this week??  

What’s the next color wrap bracelet you guys think I should do??

What are your plans for this 4 day weekend???

Plantain Pancakes { TOL #24 & Healthy Habits }

Woohoo it’s Thursday again!!  And that means TOL and Healthy Habits, thanks for hosting girls!  I had my orientation for work yesterday { Finally ! } and am just thrilled to finally be working!  Working=saving money=certification for personal training :)


And oops, I may have bought this for an upcoming wedding ;).  I’m super excited for it to arrive.  And was shocked when an hour after buying it, it was shipped!  Talk about great customer service!  But seriously, how cute is this! I saw it this summer, and I knew I was going to need a dress for my brother’s best friend’s wedding, but I’m weird when it comes to shopping for myself, so I didn’t buy it.  But then I saw on their Instagram that they have this in white and fell even more in love with this dress, so I decided since I still love it and it’s been two months, well it must be true love at first sight :).


And yum!!!  I went to the store the other day and finally remembered to get a plantain for my protein pancakes.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Seriously.  I love my pancakes thick versus thin, and that gave me exactly that! The only problem was that it was a little dry haha I just used this recipe, but added one more egg white.  Nothing a little honey or cup of almond milk can fix though ;).  And also, here lately I’ve been obsessed with yoga and weight lifting.  Dreading my runs haha but I still do them because I always feel better afterward.  But when I think of yoga I think of heavy lifting, because honestly my body is much heavier than the weights I do haha, and I get such a high from it!


And another wrap bracelet has been added to the shop!!!  Seriously, I love love love this one.  I thought the turquoise and gold was my favorite, but this just beat it!  It goes with everything all year long and it’s dainty and just perfect.  Okay, I need to just make one for myself already.



And this picture!! How cute is he??? I just adore him and can not wait until I get my own, which hopefully will be next year or so……:)  And I will teach her to swim and hopefully she’ll love me back unlike Missy haha.  Regardless of how much they shed, I still want one so badly, { my apologies to The Boyfriend haha.  he wants a frenchie now }.  Just look at that little nose and his chin.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Okay I’ll stop now, I could go on and on about pugs.  Did I tell you what happened last week when I saw one??? NO??  Well let’s just say I went a little crazy, couldn’t control myself, The Boyfriend was afraid I was going to scare the little pug from across the street, and that I might be creeping the owner out.  Hahaha I couldn’t help myself, I’ve never touched one.  But I’ve noticed since I’ve grown up, people get a little weird when I ask if I can pet their dog.  Oh well, I’m taking the chance next time!  I will touch one!

When’s the last time you’ve squealed loudly in public??

Serious question, Plantains or Bananas??

Where was the last place you bought a dress from??

Benefits of Green Beans

I don’t know why I never thought of this sooner.  Green beans are literally my favorite vegetable, I could eat them all day long!  But at least we’re looking at their benefits today!

+ Recent studies show that green beans contain: lutein, beta-carotene, violaxanthin, and neoxanthin.  All of which are carotenoids.

+ They contain Vitamin K, which makes the proteins needed for our bones to absorb the calcium from our diet.

+ They contain Vitamin C, which helps cut down free radical reactions in our bodies.  It balances the free radicals before the can do any damage to our cells. Without the right amount of Vitamin C in our diet, collagen won’t be made { which makes up our connective tissues, which strengthens and supports our bones/skin/tendons/and organs }.

+ They are extremely rich in fiber.  Getting enough fiber helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis.  It also helps sustain cholesterol and sugar levels.

+ Green beans contain folates that help with cell division and DNA synthesis.

+ They contain vitamins Niacin and Thiamine which help prevent infections.

+ Surprisingly green beans contain potassium.  Potassium is support a better cell production and body movement, and also helps control blood pressure.

+ They also contain Vitamin A, which helps slow down the aging process, and provides a good source of antioxidants :).

+ Green beans contain this mineral called Manganese.  This helps in the scavenging act of free radicals as a side-kick to antioxidants.

What’s your favorite vegatable??  

What’s your favorite way to eat green beans?? Cook them in soy sauce, add mushrooms and chopped up garlic, yum!

Oops I Did It Again

Happy Monday!!  My weekend was a pretty relaxing one, and it’s been a while since I’ve shared my weekend, so I figured why not now :)


 I’ve got some good news for you guys! I know last month I told you about a 40% off sale at Kayokoko Swimwear, and they’re still having!  Good news is they have more sizes in some items!  I was able to find my size in these, and got all three for $79.20, not bad since top and bottom normally go for $110 and up haha.   It’s just not good when I go to this website haha I always end up with things in my shopping cart.


I’ve also got a new bracelet up in the shop!  Teal and silver, click here to see more pictures of it!  I’m seriously loving the smaller beads!  They just fit better, and gives it this perfect dainty look.  And I’m working on a light pink and silver wrap bracelet now!  I can’t wait to reveal it, although I kind of already have haha.


And my runs!! They have been pretty awesome since I’ve been sleeping again.  My runs have been a little bit harder lately.  I’m not sure why, but when I’m able to reach 4 miles, I’m thrilled :).  I’m thinking since I’ve added yoga into my routine, I’m using different muscles and that’s affecting my runs.  Either way, I’m just happy that I know I’m having to work hard in every run, because that is all that matters.


Ugh, so if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that The Boyfriend left on Saturday.  Not the happiest day for me haha mainly because 2 weeks just didn’t feel long enough.  But he’ll be back this Friday since he forgot some things, that I’m not complaining about :).  And at least this time he’ll only be gone for 2 weeks, and I’ll be coming up to see him now.  I’m hoping a year from now, we’ll be living together, at least that’s our plan :).  I honestly can’t believe we’ll be living together soon.  That I’ll finally be able to just see him everyday, that just makes me very happy :)

How was your weekend??

Anyone else have this problem with Maaji Swimsuits??

What were your workouts this weekend??