Peace & Calm { Something’s I’m Loving Lately }

Happy Friday!!! No work for me today, which means I get to spend the whole day with The Boyfriend :D.  And since it’s Friday, I’m here to share some of my favorites from this week!!  Linking up with Heather, Katie & Clare today :)


Frenchies —>  So The Boyfriend has decided that he wants a Frenchie now.  It makes sense, they are more active than pugs, and we are both very active, they don’t shed a ton whereas pugs do, and we both don’t want a dog that sheds a ton.  I still want a pug haha but we will see when that time comes.  I honestly don’t care either way, I love them both :)  But I’ve been loving pinning a million pictures of them for that reason ;).  And I’ve been reading a ton on both breeds so that maybe in a couple years we’ll be able to make a decision.  I’m OCD and a planner, put those two together and you get me who plans years ahead haha.


Instagram: TinyDevotions

Dream Catchers —>  I’ve always loved dream catchers, and once I found out that both Great Grandmothers were native american, I just loved them even more.  It’s like they were suddenly apart of me :).  Plus with all the colors they come in, who couldn’t like them.  Just are just pretty and mystical.  And this picture just captures that and also peace and calm.  Peace and Calm are what I’m constantly looking for, which isn’t what my home is about, and is the main reason I’m really looking forward to moving out in a year.



Wrap Bracelets —> I’m just thrilled that I finally finished these!  The pink one is just my favorite, I absolutely love it!! And the teal one, Oh Em Gee, how can you not love that bright and vibrant color next to the brown leather wrap.  I started on a lilac one yesterday, and hopefully that will be in the shop today or Sunday!!


2 Weeks —>  I’m officially 2 weeks into my Accutane!! Haven’t noticed really any side effects.  My knee bothers me somethings, and there is barely any peeling.  But my skin has cleared up so much! And smoothed out.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time it was this smooth and had no bumps under the skin and wasn’t in pain.  I had to give blood on Wednesday because my liver enzymes were a little high { they were a 31, normally they should be a 29 }.  Accutane is hard on the liver, so my doctor just wanted to make sure that everything was going to be fine once I started.


Instagram: RawNToned

Challenge —>  I was tagged by Katie to #StopDropAndSelfie!! It’s just a fun little spin on the Stop Drop And Yoga hashtag going around :). It was 5:30 in the morning and I was oil pulling, hence the weird face haha. With all of that being said, I challenge you all to #StopDropAndSelfie today!! Make sure you tag me { @RawNToned } so I can see!!

What are some of your favorites from this week??  

What’s the next color wrap bracelet you guys think I should do??

What are your plans for this 4 day weekend???

Plantain Pancakes { TOL #24 & Healthy Habits }

Woohoo it’s Thursday again!!  And that means TOL and Healthy Habits, thanks for hosting girls!  I had my orientation for work yesterday { Finally ! } and am just thrilled to finally be working!  Working=saving money=certification for personal training :)


And oops, I may have bought this for an upcoming wedding ;).  I’m super excited for it to arrive.  And was shocked when an hour after buying it, it was shipped!  Talk about great customer service!  But seriously, how cute is this! I saw it this summer, and I knew I was going to need a dress for my brother’s best friend’s wedding, but I’m weird when it comes to shopping for myself, so I didn’t buy it.  But then I saw on their Instagram that they have this in white and fell even more in love with this dress, so I decided since I still love it and it’s been two months, well it must be true love at first sight :).


And yum!!!  I went to the store the other day and finally remembered to get a plantain for my protein pancakes.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Seriously.  I love my pancakes thick versus thin, and that gave me exactly that! The only problem was that it was a little dry haha I just used this recipe, but added one more egg white.  Nothing a little honey or cup of almond milk can fix though ;).  And also, here lately I’ve been obsessed with yoga and weight lifting.  Dreading my runs haha but I still do them because I always feel better afterward.  But when I think of yoga I think of heavy lifting, because honestly my body is much heavier than the weights I do haha, and I get such a high from it!


And another wrap bracelet has been added to the shop!!!  Seriously, I love love love this one.  I thought the turquoise and gold was my favorite, but this just beat it!  It goes with everything all year long and it’s dainty and just perfect.  Okay, I need to just make one for myself already.



And this picture!! How cute is he??? I just adore him and can not wait until I get my own, which hopefully will be next year or so……:)  And I will teach her to swim and hopefully she’ll love me back unlike Missy haha.  Regardless of how much they shed, I still want one so badly, { my apologies to The Boyfriend haha.  he wants a frenchie now }.  Just look at that little nose and his chin.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Okay I’ll stop now, I could go on and on about pugs.  Did I tell you what happened last week when I saw one??? NO??  Well let’s just say I went a little crazy, couldn’t control myself, The Boyfriend was afraid I was going to scare the little pug from across the street, and that I might be creeping the owner out.  Hahaha I couldn’t help myself, I’ve never touched one.  But I’ve noticed since I’ve grown up, people get a little weird when I ask if I can pet their dog.  Oh well, I’m taking the chance next time!  I will touch one!

When’s the last time you’ve squealed loudly in public??

Serious question, Plantains or Bananas??

Where was the last place you bought a dress from??

Benefits of Green Beans

I don’t know why I never thought of this sooner.  Green beans are literally my favorite vegetable, I could eat them all day long!  But at least we’re looking at their benefits today!

+ Recent studies show that green beans contain: lutein, beta-carotene, violaxanthin, and neoxanthin.  All of which are carotenoids.

+ They contain Vitamin K, which makes the proteins needed for our bones to absorb the calcium from our diet.

+ They contain Vitamin C, which helps cut down free radical reactions in our bodies.  It balances the free radicals before the can do any damage to our cells. Without the right amount of Vitamin C in our diet, collagen won’t be made { which makes up our connective tissues, which strengthens and supports our bones/skin/tendons/and organs }.

+ They are extremely rich in fiber.  Getting enough fiber helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis.  It also helps sustain cholesterol and sugar levels.

+ Green beans contain folates that help with cell division and DNA synthesis.

+ They contain vitamins Niacin and Thiamine which help prevent infections.

+ Surprisingly green beans contain potassium.  Potassium is support a better cell production and body movement, and also helps control blood pressure.

+ They also contain Vitamin A, which helps slow down the aging process, and provides a good source of antioxidants :).

+ Green beans contain this mineral called Manganese.  This helps in the scavenging act of free radicals as a side-kick to antioxidants.

What’s your favorite vegatable??  

What’s your favorite way to eat green beans?? Cook them in soy sauce, add mushrooms and chopped up garlic, yum!

Oops I Did It Again

Happy Monday!!  My weekend was a pretty relaxing one, and it’s been a while since I’ve shared my weekend, so I figured why not now :)


 I’ve got some good news for you guys! I know last month I told you about a 40% off sale at Kayokoko Swimwear, and they’re still having!  Good news is they have more sizes in some items!  I was able to find my size in these, and got all three for $79.20, not bad since top and bottom normally go for $110 and up haha.   It’s just not good when I go to this website haha I always end up with things in my shopping cart.


I’ve also got a new bracelet up in the shop!  Teal and silver, click here to see more pictures of it!  I’m seriously loving the smaller beads!  They just fit better, and gives it this perfect dainty look.  And I’m working on a light pink and silver wrap bracelet now!  I can’t wait to reveal it, although I kind of already have haha.


And my runs!! They have been pretty awesome since I’ve been sleeping again.  My runs have been a little bit harder lately.  I’m not sure why, but when I’m able to reach 4 miles, I’m thrilled :).  I’m thinking since I’ve added yoga into my routine, I’m using different muscles and that’s affecting my runs.  Either way, I’m just happy that I know I’m having to work hard in every run, because that is all that matters.


Ugh, so if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that The Boyfriend left on Saturday.  Not the happiest day for me haha mainly because 2 weeks just didn’t feel long enough.  But he’ll be back this Friday since he forgot some things, that I’m not complaining about :).  And at least this time he’ll only be gone for 2 weeks, and I’ll be coming up to see him now.  I’m hoping a year from now, we’ll be living together, at least that’s our plan :).  I honestly can’t believe we’ll be living together soon.  That I’ll finally be able to just see him everyday, that just makes me very happy :)

How was your weekend??

Anyone else have this problem with Maaji Swimsuits??

What were your workouts this weekend??

{ Something’s I’m Loving Lately }

Happy Friday! I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by!  I started school this week, and soon will be starting work.  It’s been a good week :) So let’s get into my favorites! Linking up with Ms. Heather, Ms. Katie, and Ms. Clare :)


Pugs —>  The amount of pug instagram accounts that are out there is kind of scary.  But the amount of pug accounts I follow is even scarier.  What can I say, I’m addicted.


This guy —> Ahhh, these last two weeks with him have been great! I’ve loved every second I’ve gotten with him.  But he leaves tomorrow, and honestly I’m not ready for him to leave already.  I feel like I’ve barely gotten any time with him.  Break can not come soon enough!


Banana Bread Muffins —> These are just the best for fighting food cravings.  They are low in calories { only 30 per mini muffin, the hard part is trying not to eat the whole batch like I sometimes do }, the only sugar comes from the bananas and chocolate chips.  They are just perfection in my opinion, and now I’m hungry haha.

This Lotion —> it’s just the best! I’ve been on accutane a week now, and so far so good. Not too much excessive drying, my lips are just starting to peel off, and some places on my face, but other than that, it’s fine! And this lotion has calmed the redness in my face so much. And really think that it has helped with the peeling so far. I’m just happy this time it’s not making my face break out!!

What are your plans for the weekend???
What’s y?our favorite face lotion to use??
Anyone else follow too many animal accounts lol

Coconut Sugar { TOL #23 & Healthy Habits }

Happy Thursday again!! I’m writing this from my boyfriend’s computer…..his computer is much nicer than mine… this all looks a whole lot nicer than on mine.  Aka blurry haha. Linking up with Amanda & Katie today :)


I went to Target last weekend and went down their baking aisle looking for Enjoy Chocolate Chips.  I didn’t expect to find them, but then actually found them!  And then I found this stuff…..Um yum….. I’ve never actually cooked with it, but it tasted pretty good with my pancakes, although I walked away from them and burned them again….I need to stop doing that haha.  So I can’t wait to try this stuff out in some real recipes!  Just wait for it, I feel some awesome recipes coming this fall ;).


Oh this one…..Doesn’t she look like a gun?  Funny story, when she was little my brother would run around the house and hold her like a gun and “shoot” her at me….I think she liked it, she would purr the whole time haha.  Ah I love her hahaha.


And AHA! I found pants finally, only took 3 years hahaha!! Wasn’t what I was expecting, but I was gladly surprised :).  I ended buying 3 pairs, 2 khaki, and one burgundy.  And now I’m harassing the store looking for the light olive green ones I found, just waiting for my size to come in.  You know when you find a pair of pants that fits really well?  You know, it fits like a glove, and it just so comfy { I never thought I’ve be saying that about pants }, well, that’s how these are. Side note, I look very short in these pictures haha.  Speaking of khaki, I got the job! I’m still waiting to go through orientation, but once I do that I’ll be working, and once I have orientation, I’ll find out if I’m part time or full time.  I’m crossing my fingers for full time :)


Annnnnddddd last but not least, I’m trying to get rid of some of my inventory, so I’m offering to everyone, a free bracelet.  All you have to do is buy a minimum of $20 worth, and before you check out there is a message box where you can send a note to the shop owner { Me! }, and just write the name of another bracelet that you want! So essentially you are getting 2 { or 3 } bracelets, then getting a third { or fourth } one for free.  Wrap Bracelets will not be offered for the free bracelet :).  I was going to only do it yesterday, but decided to extend it to today to get the news out there to everyone.  Just click here to start looking at my products { they are also on the side bar if you want a quick glimpse } :)

How’s your week been so far??  

Ever worked with coconut sugar??  

Who else goes crazy when they find pants that fit perfectly??

Benefits Of Nectarines


Officially one of my favorite summer fruits.  Ah who am I kidding, I love all fruit.  But recently these have been brought back into my life, and now they are what I crave after every run.  So we’re going to explore their benefits, because honestly I have no idea what any of them are haha.


+  They are a great source of carotenoids.  These are actually antioxidants that protect us against cancer  {such as oral and cavity cancer } and other diseases.  They reduce the cellular damage that happens when the body burns oxygen.  The specific antioxidants that a Nectarine contain are: Vitamin A, C and Beta Carotenes.  Vitamin A helps build and preserve healthy skin, teeth, bone tissue, soft tissue, and mucus membranes.

+ They are great sources of antioxidants, { as stated above :) }.  They help fight free radicals { which are created after exposure to the sunlight }.  Specifically the antioxidants in Nectarines are converted into Vitamin A.

+  They are great sources that promote a healthy heart, healthy cholesterol levels and to have a healthy gut, via their richness in fiber and potassium

+  Nectarines contain Vitamin C, this is very important in keeping our tissues strong, it produces collagen { which helps hold the tissues together }, and promotes healing after an injury. The ascorbic acids stimulates immunity and helps fight infections, which also helps to repair cartilage and bones.

+  The potassium in Nectarines is great for the metabolism, regulates the pH levels in our body, aids in balancing the blood pressure levels, and aids in digestion.

+  They are also a great source of Lutein, an antioxidant that is great for eye and skin health. It also helps decrease your risk of cancer.

+  The nutrients are present the most in the skin :)

What’s your favorite way to eat Nectarines??

 Are you a peach or nectarine fan??

Our Story

So I’ve had a few people ask me about my boyfriend and I. I don’t think I’ve ever actually wrote about us/told our story. It’s just one of those things I kinda skipped lol. But since quite a few were asking, I figured I’d give you guys a background/our story/ bring you update on us :)  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a snack, this one is a long one!


So we met my freshman year, his junior year of high school.  We were both on the CrossCountry team.  The funny part is, we never actually talked to each other until that spring during track, since we both ran the 1 mile.  He thought I was this crazy little girl that was feisty { still am haha, not much has changed }, and I thought he was quiet and fun to hang out and talk to.  Neither of us were thinking relationship.  I was too preoccupied with running, I wanted to make a career out of it, and he well, wasn’t interested in me at that time haha.  By the following year { his senior year, my sophomore year }, at the end of the cross country season me and him had started to become friends.  We were hanging out at lunch, texting 24/7, I was flirting on accident haha.


Fast forward from winter break to track season { which are maybe a month away }, he started running with me.  Good for me, bad for him haha he got in trouble almost daily for running with me, even though I was keeping up with the guys.  I was hanging out with him before practice everyday, and I think that is where we kind of started.  He at the time liked this other girl on the team.  I didn’t have feelings for him, and only thought of him as a friend, but hated that he would pay more attention to her when we hung out { pretty much the whole cross country team ran the track, so we all hung out constantly }.  I just really don’t like it when people ignore me when I’m talking haha.  Most people saw that I like him before I even realized that I liked him.


Shortly after the season started, I ended up getting injured { you can read about that here, here, & here }.  He was there for me at I time I needed someone.  It just made us bond, and made our bond so much stronger.  At that point, I couldn’t imagine a day without seeing him.  I was still oblivious to my feelings for him.  It wasn’t until he started to show an interest in me that I started to think “oh hey, I may kinda like this guy”.  It was around spring break that we started to hang out a lot more, it was at this time that he finally kissed me and I finally knew I had to have this guy in my life.  And at this point we were holding hands and kissing regularly, but we weren’t “officially dating”.  But everyone in his family thought we were hahaha so that’s kind of funny when I look back on it.

My Favorite Place

Then that summer he graduated, we continued to hang out and act like a couple.  I didn’t think he would ever ask me to be his girlfriend, he was going away for school, so what’s the point in that.  But for some reason { but he’ll tell you it was because he didn’t want me with anyone else, so he finally made his move }, July 19, he finally got the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend.  This just so happened to be the day before I left to go on a family vacation.  So he took me to get coffee that following morning before I left :).  I knew once he went to school that our relationship was going to be hard work.  But I don’t think I ever imagined it to be such hard work.

Job Hunting Bums

That first year brought a lot of tears.  We were both trying to figure out how to do this relationship thing, and we only saw each other once a month at this time, and that only made it harder.  I’m not going to get into detail about exactly what happened, I feel like that is something that should be kept between me and him.  Fast-forward to that summer, I could tell he was detached and not sure about us.  I was just waiting for the words.  A week before my senior year started he texted me that he needed a break.  I told him I don’t do breaks, a break means you want to break up.  So we did.  I was heart broken, and surprisingly so was he.  He said he did it because he was afraid he was going to hurt me.  A day after he asked for this he said he made a mistake and wanted to still be together.  I told him I’d think about it and that we would talk in 4 days.

I needed to think.  I didn’t trust him at all now { no he didn’t cheat on me, I just have a hard time trusting people and after he said he wanted a break, I was afraid he would want another one later on }.  I wasn’t sure if we were repairable.  I hold grudges { I’m working on it }, and was really hurt.  When the day came and we finally talked, I was beyond nervous, upset, angry, sad.  It ended up being a 2 hour talk/cry/yell.  We addressed the problems and both promised to work on communicating better.  Honestly from here, everything got better.  I didn’t expect this.  But at thrilled that it did.

We still have disagreements, and don’t like some things that the other one does, but when something really upsets us, we always make sure to tell the other one in a nice way.  Our relationship is always a work in progress, it has to be.  Because we you’re with someone else, you’re dealing with two personalities, two opinions.  I wouldn’t redo anything.  Everything has brought us to now.  We are so beyond happy, can’t get enough of each other, and never want to be away from each other.  I really believe where we are now, is the only reason we were able to handle his internship.


Yup, the dreaded internship.  I was thrilled he got it.  It was with the company that he wanted to work for.  I just hated that it was in Nashville, because we live in California.  We usually see each other every 2 weeks.  We have never gone more than a month without seeing each other, and this would force us to be away from each other for 2.5 months.  I wasn’t worried about him cheating or anything, I was worried about not being able to kiss/hug him.  I love this guy more than anything in this world, and just couldn’t stand the thought of him being out of reach.  I was on the verge of crying when he told me about getting the internship, I didn’t want to cry because I didn’t want him to feel bad.

Somehow we were able to make it 2.5 months without seeing each other.  But both agreed never again.  And that brings up to next year……so many possibilities.  I’ve told him that no matter where he gets a job at I’m going with him, and he is perfectly okay with that :).  Where we live, there are no jobs for what he is majoring in { music engineering }, so we both know that we are going to have to move somewhere.  I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ll finally be able to see him every day.

Banana Bread Muffins { Paleo, Raw, Clean }


This recipe actually shocked me at how much it tasted like the real banana bread.  I think the only difference is that it is a little denser, but I loved that part of it.  You know, like Old Fashioned Cake Donuts, those are my favorites, they are just so good, it’s ridiculous. And my obsession with donuts is kind of ridiculous too.  But hey, there is nothing I can do about that haha.  Anyways, back to my Banana Bread.  It’s got the crunch of the walnuts, a slight crunch from the chocolate chips? The cinnamony, nutmegy aroma and taste { I just made those words up }.  Seriously, you guys are going to fall in love with these!  If you try it, make sure you tag me so I can see :D !!!!

Recipe: Banana Bread Muffins { servings: 38 mini muffins }



+ 5 tablespoons coconut flour

+ 4 bananas

+ 4 egg whites

+ 2-3 tablespoons of Cinnamon

+ 1/2 tablespoon of Nutmeg

+ Handful Walnuts

+ 2-3 tablespoons enjoy life chocolate chips


1.  Preheat the oven to 350 degress.  Mash the 4 bananas in a medium bowl.  Add the 4 egg whites and coconut flour and mix until well blended.

2.  Add as much cinnamon and nutmeg as you want, everyone likes a little more or less of these too. I love them, so the more the better haha.

3.  Grab a handful of walnuts and chop them up, add to the mixture.  Add the chocolate chips and mix the two into the batter.

4.  Line the mini muffin pan, add a scoop, I used a little ice cream scoop – about a tablespoon in size

5.  Bake for 20 minutes, and Enjoy :) !




Healthy Indulgence { TOL #22 & Healthy Habits }

Hey Loves, and Happy Thursday :D !!! I swear as it gets further into the year, the days fly by faster!  But I’m not complaining, bring on next summer, I have great plans that will kinda change my life, so that’s exciting!  Anyways, I’m linking up with Amanda for TOL and Katie for Healthy Habits!

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I have a major sweet tooth!  Thankfully I don’t crave processed foods too much { except donuts, I will forever love and want those haha }, so that’s a good thing, but I crave healthy sweets.  But you know that saying, too much of a good thing isn’t a good things haha.  But my favorite go to sweet is these!!  Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips! Ugh way too good! They are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, free of anything processed, so they are a go in my book.  Anytime I can eat chocolate and not get sick, yeah that’s a good thing :)


Oh don’t mind my messy hair.  And my morning “abs” are back hahaha!!  Sorta! I’m getting there.  I’m finally getting started on some stuff that will fix my acne, I’m only taking one class this semester, and ended up having two interviews on Tuesday { only one was planned }, so I’m not eating my feelings anymore.  Yup I’m one of those people that do that, I can’t help it haha.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about starting to make necklaces for the shop….I’m not 100% on this yet, but it’s an idea!


But everything is right in the universe again, because he is back :).  Plus add happiness and doing tons of yoga haha and the abs be poppin….well sometimes.  Ps, he hates me taking pictures of him, so this is what I got.   So that’s why I didn’t post yesterday, because well, honestly I felt that spending time with him was a little more important since it had been 3 and a half months, and I kind of forgot.  So sorry about that! But I’m thinking the rest of this week will be full of posts, and you won’t want to miss next weeks Benefits Of post!

And random, I’m really hoping to get some swimming done today.  I haven’t swam due to some acne pills the doctors put me { that didn’t work haha } that made me super sensitive to the sun.  Like my skin felt like it was on fire when in the sun.  Soooooo, I’ve been told the new stuff will make me sensitive, but I don’t know how sensitive, and I don’t get the prescription until this afternoon, so what better way and get some good times in the sun and water before that :).

What’s your favorite healthy indulgence??  

How’s your week been??  

Any interview advice??