Trust Your Instinct { Something’s I’m Loving Lately }

Linking up with Heather, Katie , & Claire today to share a very special favorite of mine that happened this week!


So let’s be honest here, how many of us really listen to our instinct, or intuition? It’s hard sometimes just to figure out what our “gut” is trying to tell us.  But if you can figure it out, I definitely recommend following it.  100%, I don’t care what it’s what telling, listen it.  Because almost 100% of the time, it’s leading you in the right direction.

I listened to it a couple weeks ago.  It was telling me to get off the strong antibiotics that the doctor had put me on { which btw, drying your skin out only leads to premature aging, so don’t do that! }.  And yes that was one of the reasons why I wanted to stop taking them.  First of all, I had been on it for 6 weeks, my face hurt almost worse because it was sooooo dry, and secondly, because the whole point of it is to dry out, it dried out my whole system.  My urinary and digestive system that is.  My pee was always dark yellow, and I drink 100 ounces of water a day…..And I wasn’t going to the bathroom anymore { sorry TMI, but this has to be said, if you wondering I’m talking #2 }.  That can easily lead to appendicitis.  Luckily, that didn’t happen to me.  It’s been four weeks now, and my skin isn’t obsessively dry, and my pee is back to being light yellow { which is normal *thumbs up* } and I’m back to going to the bathroom, so I’m not sick to my stomach anymore.   Don’t worry I’m getting ready to explain why this is a favorite of mine :)


Which leads me to this week.  I’ve been trying to decide if I was going to continue making jewelry or not.  Because honestly, it’s not doing great.  Not that I thought everything would be bought, but I was hoping for a little more success. But for some reason, my instinct was telling me not to give up yet.  Give it a couple more months, see what happens.  So I went out and bought more beads and stretch cord, and got to making a bunch of new pieces.  I had a friend contact me yesterday, she was in town, and wanted to buy some of my bracelets.  So I thought, why the hell not, let’s go do this.  She’s a hairdresser, she sees people all day long, that’s great advertisement, plus she really loved a couple pieces, so it’s not like I’m going to deny someone something they love ;).

Well we got to talking, and 2 hours later, this lady walks in.  She just so happens to be the person that buys all the jewelry for the shop.  My friend, being the outspoken person that she is, drags me over to her and says “Hey, my friend makes jewelry.” And from there MAGIC happened.  We exchanged names, she looked at my pieces, then bought $70 worth, and is going to see how it does.  I went out and bought more beads, because I’m hoping in a couple weeks that she has sold some of the pieces, and wants more :)

Honestly, just when I was wondering when something good was going to happened, I get answered.  I had a super shitty Spring semester, and this summer wasn’t really any better.  I was just trying not to focus on it, and kept telling myself “it can only get better from here, because it has no other choice or way other than up.”  I’m happy that I’ve been listening to my instinct a lot this summer.  It has taught me a lot about myself.  I’m psychic.  Just kidding, but it makes me feel like I am haha.

How was your week??

 Any plans this weekend??  

Tell me about when the last time you listened to your instinct, and it lead you in the right direction :)

Coral Reef { Thinking Out Loud #19 & Healthy Habits }

Seriously can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again!  Here’s to another TOL and Healthy Habits!

And, as of Tuesday, I officially have 21 { now 19 } more days until The Boyfriend comes home.  I can’t wait!!


So this week I’ve kind of been obsessed with zucchini!  I’m adding it to my my scrambled eggs in the morning, I feel like protein and veggies that I filled with water are perfect after a run. And a Chocolate Zucchini Protein Pancake is underway!  That will be posted Monday morning of course :).


Here’s a glimpse of the chocolate zucchini protein pancakes I made.  I made them with oat flour, because the zucchini added so much moisture/liquid to the batter, that the first few didn’t come out right { it was after that, that I added the oat flour }.  I’m going to get some coconut flour { because it is way cheaper than almond flour hahaha } today, and hoping tomorrow’s comes out so much better!!!  But these seriously hit the spot after a great back workout! And of course I drizzled them with some honey, and may have dipped them in almond milk….

Speaking of almond milk, I’ve had this recent obsession with it.  I just want to drink it with every meal.  I’ve never wanted to do that haha.  But it just taste so good lately.  So it will definitely be going into my Kiwi Smoothie this afternoon, after I get back from job hunting!


Instagram: RawNToned

And my Turquoise crops finally came in!!!  And seriously, if it were acceptable I would definitely be wearing these every day.  They are just so comfy, I want to sleep, workout, shower -er- maybe not shower, but you get the point!  Plus they make my butt look good.  SO seriously, I recommend these to everyone, because everybody wants a crop/pants that make their butt look good.


And I haven’t been on social media as much as normal, because the past two days I’ve been working on these new additions!  I’m so excited for these!! I made a pact to myself that I would buy other colors, other than blue and turquoise, and I’m happy to say that I kept that pact!  I added in pieces with coral beads, white creamy beads, white coral reef shaped beads, and REAL abalone beads!!  These are less bulky than the first ones that came out, but look great with wrap bracelets, and just stacked on top of each other!  P.S. I’m now shipping to Canada :D  Check them out on Etsy!!

What do you think of the new Raw Mermaid bracelets?? { Honest Opinions, your criticism won’t hurt my feelings :) }

What’s your go-to meal after a run??

What’s something you’re obsessed with lately??

Benefits of Quinoa

So I’ve recently tried Quinoa, and absolutely fell in love!! Last month when I decided to cut out all processed foods, the only thing I needed to get rid of was my beloved Clif Bars.  Well, with doing that, I was also cutting out about 60 grams of carbs.  I follow the Paleo Diet mainly, and those clif bars were where I got the majority of my carbs.  But after 2 weeks of not having them, I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels in my workouts.  I was tired, and my legs and arms were fatigued.  So I added the Clif Bar back in.  But I loved how good I felt not eating processed so I’m going back, but this time I am being smart about it.  Lara Bars have about 20 grams of carbs, and Quinoa has about another 20 grams, so I’m hoping this works out :).  But because I’m so infatuated with quinoa, I’ve decided to explore it’s benefits this week:


+ It is a complete protein, meaning, it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

+ It contains twice the amount of fiber than other grains { although , Quinoa is not a grain, it is a seed, learned this from the Tone It Up girls ;) }.

+ Having a great amount of fiber helps in digestion, prevent heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, and diabetes – it cleans the walls of arteries, which can in time build causing a stroke or heart attack.   It also lowers cholesterol and glucose levels.

+  It contains Iron, which helps keep our red blood cells healthy.

+  It contains Lysine.  Lysine is crucial to tissue growth and repair.

+  Quinoa has large quanities of magnesium, which helps our blood vessels to relax, in turn reducing migraines.  It may help reduce Type 2 diabetes by stimulating healthy blood sugar levels.  Magnesium also aids in detoxifications, body temperature regulation, transmission of nerve impulses, energy production, and the formations of healthy bones and teeth.

+ It is also very rich in B2 { Riboflavin }.  B2 enhances energy metabolism in the brain and muscle cells.  And it is known to produce the correct energy production in cells.

+ It is also very rich in Manganese.  This is an antioxidant that helps prevent damages during energy production to the mitochondria, and protects red blood cells { and other cells } from free radicals

+It is known to be an energizing superfood.  The Incas referred to it as “gold” for that reason.

Ever tried Quinoa??  

What’s your favorite way to eat Quinoa??  

Dress It Up

So I think when it comes to our fitness attire/clothing, we can all agree, cute workout clothes really make us want to get after it!  With that being said, I’ve recently indulged in buying myself some much needed crops from Athleta, they arrive today and I’m super psyched to finally try out Athleta’s workout clothes { and no I’m not being paid to say this, and no I didn’t get the crops for free }, P.S. they are still having the huge sale, go Here to check it out.  So I’ve been looking online for more fun workout clothes and this is what I found:


Live Love Lift —>  No longer available, but the shop owner has made similar ones, Here & Here

Starbucks Muscles —>  Absolutely love this shirt! Maybe one day I will get it ;), you can get it Here

Muscles & Mascara —>  So truth, I have been drooling over this shirt for months { years? }. Good news! It’s still available though.  It’s a loose fitting tank, ugh need this in my closet.  You can get it here :)


Okay, we all want Nikes right? Well most of us.  I know Jo would totally understand my obsession on this one haha.  And unfortunately I can’t find a link for any of these, buuuutttt if you go to, there are so many different models you can design yourself!! I find that just way too cool!


Sports Bras, they make a workout outfit, don’t they?  They just add the pop of color or design to any outfit, and it can be that factor that just finishes the whole thing.  And everyone has this obsession with lululemon, myself included.  I don’t own any of their clothing, for the main reason that they are soooo expensive, buuuuttt I did find this other brand, that has great colors and interesting straps!

LivFit —>  Not only is it about $10 cheaper than Lululemon, but they are super cute!!  You can find it and many other colors here!

Stripes & Pink —>  No longer available :(, but I guess that is what pinterest is for haha?

Yellow —> No longer available either, but here is one similar :)

Tell me some of your favorite places to get fitness gear!  

Find any cool new items??  

What’s the last item you splurged on??

Blueberry Lemon Smoothie { Raw, Paleo, Clean }


So when I thought of this recipe, I honestly wasn’t sure how good it would turn out.  That made the first taste a little nerve racking.  But once I tried it, I knew this was something I just had to share with everyone.  It’s got a bit of creamy-ness, with a bit of tang.  Then you taste the blueberries, and all just blends so well.  And good news, it has full-fat coconut milk, which boosts up the metabolism { ! } and blueberries which are a great antioxidant and low in sugar, so it won’t spike your blood sugar.


2 scoops of Creamy Lemon Ice Cream

3/4 cup of frozen blueberries

and enough milk to get it all blended together


1.  Put the 2 scoops of lemon ice cream, frozen blueberries in the blender.

2.  Begin with a little bit of milk, because you can always add more, but you can’t take out.

3.  When you think you’ve added enough, blend, if it’s not, add more until it is. 

4.  And Enjoy :)

This smoothie will be perfect to cooling you off during these sunny warm days, and because all the ingredients are raw and all natural, you won’t feel guilty about it <3

What’s your favorite smoothie combo??

Bright Pants {Something’s I’m Loving Lately}

This week has felt like forever! Only 25 more days until I see the boyfriend, I can not wait :).  I’ve got some major plans of cleaning this weekend and into next week, so I’m surprisingly looking forward to that.  I don’t mind cleaning, but I love how good it feels afterward.  Anyways, onto my favorites from this week :)! { Linking up with  Heather & Clare! }


New Workout Pants —>  I finally save/made enough money to be able to spend a little one me!  It felt weird treating myself hahaha but I know it is needed every once in a while, especially since mine are a tad stretched out and I’ve had them for a while. And they are from Athleta, {who is having a sale on a ton of different styles and colors of capris btw!!  I got the coral for $29.99, and Turquoise for $37.99, and no I’m not getting paid to say this, just wanted you all to know :)}.  I will be doing a review on these bad boys once they come and once I do a couple workouts in them!


Pug Loaf

Pugs —>  So me and the boyfriend have been trying to decide which one we should get, pug or french bulldog.  I love them both and just couldn’t decide.  And have been sending tons of pictures from pinterest of pugs and french bulldogs every day hahaha, I’m talking 10+ pictures.  Then, I saw this post by Sam, and I knew a pug was the dog for me.  Plus The Boyfriend is pretty obsessed with them ;).  But after reading that post I spent another hour watching pug videos on youtube #NoRegrets, #NoShame.


TreatYoself —> I had to.  I saw it as the cashier was checking me out and I just had to.  I had been eyeballing this for months!  It’s the chocolate coconut caramel dark { 70% } chocolate.  I honestly thought the caramel tasted funny.  So I put the rest in the fridge to let the caramel harden, because honestly I planned on using it for ice cream but that monthly visitor got in the way, and it tasted so much better! The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I tasted no coconut whatsoever.  So that was a little bummer, but still super good!


Raw Ice Cream —>  My creamy lemon ice cream has been the perfect for these hot days!! Or for eating while I wait for turkey burger to cook haha.  Has anyone tried it or the Mint Ice Cream???  I’m always super curious what everyone else thought about it!

What are some of your favorites from this week??  

Favorite brand of fitness clothing??  

What’s your favorite breed of dog??  

What are your plans for this weekend??

Thinking Out Loud #18

Geez it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! I had to look back at what number the last one was, but here lately I’m really needing to get my thoughts written out, so here we go! {Linking up with Amanda & Katie:)}

Way too cute!!!

I can’t wait til I get my own pug.  I’m shooting for the next two years then I’ll be able to get one.  And I will for sure make sure that mine can swim, or I’ll just put it in a life vest hahaha.


I will be doing a post every Tuesday on fun workout clothes that I find!  I’m so excited, because I’m always looking for them, it will give me a way to share them all with you, and see if you guys have tried out certain brands and what you think :).  I don’t post every single day, usually Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and occassionally Thursdays, so it feels good to finally figure out what I want my Tuesday posts to be about!

I haven’t talked much about this, or at least when I talk about it, I don’t say much.  I may be moving next year, well I most likely will be, because anywhere The Boyfriend gets a job, it won’t be near where we are living now.  He is interning in Tennessee right now, has been since the last week of May.  So there is a good possibility that we could be moving to there next summer if they offer him the job!! I’m hoping they do, and honestly think they will.  They all seem to like him, which in my eyes is a good sign haha.  But I’m ready for a new start.  I’m ready to get away from all the drama and stress of where I live now.  Plus, me and him will finally be able to have a normal relationship and see each other every day if we are living together :).  I couldn’t be more excited about the future!

And I’m happy to announce that I’ve decided to quit school {due to some health problems I am having} and get a job to save up to get certified!! It’s taken me a while to be okay with this, because I grew up learning that school was so important, and I still think it is.  But at this point, I need to do what is right for my health and right for me. I’m so excited for this, and am obviously scared, but at the same time, I’m super excited and feel that I have the knowledge and potential to make a great Personal Trainer.  I just keep reminding myself that I need to remain optomistic about everything, from getting a job to being the best P.T. possible.  I can’t wait to just get in a gym!!

Tell me something random from your week??  

Ever have plans for you future and them do a 180?? 

Benefits of Avocados

Woohoo, we’ve made it half way through the week!!! And that means Benefits Of!!!! This week we’re exploring Avocados, which I don’t know why I haven’t done a post on them sooner, these are in my diet frequently.  Anywho, let’s do this!

+ They are a great source of monounsaturated oleic acid, which research has shown can reduce low density lipoprotein cholesterol { which is very bad! }, and can increase high density lipoprotein { which is good! }.

+ They contain Vitamin E, which will prevent cholesterol oxidation.

+ They contain Folate, which will reduce homocysteine { they are dangerous! } levels in our blood.

+ They contain potassium, which regulates blood pressure.

+ They contain phytosterols, which reduce cholesterol absorption.

+ They contains dietary fibers that help control out blood sugar levels.

+ That monounsaturated fat that avocados are very well known for can help with improving our skin tones { it helps keep the skin moisturized, which is what you need to keep it looking soft }.

+ The omega-9′s present in avocados can also help with reducing the redness and irritation of skin.

+ They contain antioxidant carotenoids { and the Vitamin E }, which are very important when it comes to helping keep away wrinkles and fighting off aging.

+ And those wonderful monounsaturated fats are great for aiding in weightloss.  They used for slow burning energy as opposed to being stored as fat { which research has shown }.  The slow burning energy leaves you feeling fuller longer.

+  Avocados are anti-inflammatory, so they help reduce arthritis pain.

+ And they are rich in physochemicals, which help fight cancers.

What’s your favorite way to eat avocado?? Obviously guacamole for me ;)

Creamy Lemon Ice Cream {Raw, Paleo, Vegan}

I wasn’t completely sure of these at first. But after the 5th time trying, yeah you could say I had an infatuation with it. It’s just so creamy yet so lemony. And I love me some citrus. Speaking of, if you’re reading this Boyfriend, we’re getting a citrus tree next year when we move out! Anyways, so if you have the courage and want to try this recipe, post a picture on Instagram and #RawNToned and tag me @ChelsMarieFit so I can see :)!!! Without further a-so, here’s the recipe:


+ 2cans of coconut milk {full fat}
+ 2 lemons
+ 5tsp lemon extract
+ 4tbspn {or 1/4 cup} honey


1.  Grate the 2 lemons, save that for later

2. Over medium heat, mix the 2 cans of coconut, juice from two lemons, honey, and lemon extract.

3.  Once completely melted down and thoroughly mixed together, put in a container and put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

4.  Once cooled down, turn on cuisinart ice cream maker, and pour mixture in, then put grated lemon zest in, and let mix for 1 hour.

5.  After an hour, scoop into a container, let solidify a little bit in the freezer.

6.  Enjoy :)

Kombucha, Take Two {Somethings I’m Loving Lately}

Happy Friday!!! This week has been another emotional and stressful week, but seriously, it can only get better from here :).

{Linking up with Katie :)}


Instagram: ChelsMarieFit

Kombucha —>  Love this stuff!! I’ve tried it before, but it was a chia one, and I really just hated the slimy feel.  But this, this was heaven!! Whatever Bilberry is, I freakin’ love it haha!  I had to restrain myself from drinking the whole thing, I mean, these things are expensive.

Family —>  My mom has been there so much for me.  Between all my doctor’s appointments, and just my many melt downs at home.  She has been there for every single one.  My doctor has me on some heavy duty antibiotics and Vitamin A cream, and my skin has not gotten better.  Which leaves me left with Accutane, which is an extremely strong drug.  But it has side effects, and causes the skin to literally peel off.  But I don’t have any other options, so scared or not, I’m starting this in a month.  And my dad, who I normally never talk to, you could say we don’t really have a relationship, he has been there for me.  Both of them have gotten me to realize how hard I am on myself, which leads me to….

Health —>  So this isn’t a favorite, but it leads to one haha.  Because I’m so stressed, it has affected my health greatly.  My teeth have mini fractures because I clench so much, and it is also causing my gums to recede.  But no worries, I’m getting a mouth guard to prevent further damage.  I’m extremely tired all the time, it was making me not sleep for the longest time, but I am now, and I’m still exhausted.  It has caused me to have stomach/digestion issues, and I feel sick all the time (like I’m going to vomit).  School is causing me all this stress, and feel that health is so important and it should be your #1 priority.  I can’t believe that I’ve let mine be affected so much.  So degree may be out of the question for me.  I just don’t handle stress well, and I think my health is more important.  Oh I’m still going to get certified, don’t worry haha.  But for now, I’ve dropped my two summer classes, and my fall classes are in debate.


Paleo Ice Cream —>  My family loved this so much!!! I’m so happy they did, because health-wise, it’s not bad for you ;).  I love when treats don’t make me sick.  I posted the recipe Monday, if you haven’t tried it yet you should!! And I’m going to be working on a Blueberry one today :D.


Missy! —>  Oh this one :).  I missed her so much when I was babysitting the other dogs.  I think she is a bit tired of me hugging on her though hahaha but oh well, I’ve got to make up for lost time!

The Boyfriend —>  I haven’t mentioned him in a while.  But there is more days until he comes home!!!! Ahh, I can’t believe it’s getting so close!! And I can’t wait to see his face :).