It’s Official!

I know it’s been a while, but all my studying finally paid off!  As of FridayI’m officially certified!!  I’ve got some big plans for these next couple months. And I can’t wait to share it all with you!


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Sorry I still haven’t posted.  Right now is just a busy time in my life.  Between studying all the time, preparing to move, and working full time, it has become very hard for me to find the time to think and post.  My certification is the one thing I’ve ever done that means the world for me, and is super important.  So for the time being, I need to take a break.  I will be back at posting nutritional info, workouts, recipes, and motivational posts after I’m certified.  I’m hoping to revamp the website and start a profile on youtube to share workouts and little tidbits of my world.  That will all come later this fall!!  I miss writing and sharing everything with you guys and can’t wait to get back to it <3

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Protein Granola { Clean, Vegetarian, All Natural }

Happy Monday Loves!  I hope you all had a great weekend and are well rested for this coming week!  Today I’ve got a granola recipe for you.   It will knock your sock off!  The perfect combination of chocolatey-ness with a hint of cinnamon!  It will be your go-to snack for a while!  Put some on your pancakes add some to your Ice CreamEat it by itself or add some to almonds for some extra crunch, or add it to your yogurt.  Whatever way you decide to use it, it won’t disappoint!



+  5 cups of oats

+  1 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

+  1/3 cup oil

+  1/2 cup honey

+  1 T vanilla extract

+  1/4 cup Vega Chocolate Protein Powder

 +  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

+  1/4 cup chia seeds

+  3.5 oz chocolate bar { I used Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate }


1.  Pour the Oats and shredded coconut into one big bowl.  Mix together.

2.  Preheat your oven to 300 degrees.

3.  Now in a pot over the stove, pour the oil, honey, and vanilla extract.  Stir over medium heat, stir often so it won’t burn.

4.  Once everything is melted and blended, slowly pour, a little at a time { don’t worry if a lot pours in, it will still mix :) } of the chocolate protein powder { this adds the perfect amount of chocolatey-ness, while adding some greens and protein to the mix, this protein powder won’t disappoint }.  Stir until it is completely blended in. Continue this until you’ve used all the protein powder.

5.  Do the same with the cinnamon.  Once everything is completely blended, pour on top of the oat coconut mixture.  Mix until everything is coated { it will spread, don’t worry :) }.

6.  Once mixed thoroughly, add the chia seeds and mix.

7.  On a big sheet tray, lightly coat with some oil, and pour your mixture over it, try to spread it out as evenly as possible.

8.  Now, you’re going to cook this for an hour, but every 15 minutes flip everything { well the best you can haha }.

9.  Once it is done cooking, take it out to cool,  and chop up or grate { depending on what you prefer } the chocolate.  Once the whole bar is chopped/grated, add/mix it with the baked granola.

10.  If you prefer chocolate chunks not melted, then wait to mix in the chocolate after it has cooled.

11. Enjoy :)


Benefits of Molasses

Growing up as a kid, gingerbread was a favorite flavor of mine.  I have yet to recreate a healthier version of it, but I figured why not explore the benefits of it??

molasses - pekmez

+ Many studies have shown that it may help with cancer.  It has a very high concentration of antioxidants, which help protect against oxidative damage, which can happen during exercise, or any day to day activity, helps with cardiovascular diseases, and degenerative diseases.  It also has a high calcium concentration which has been used to help treat and prevent colon cancer and it has been linked to helping shrink cancerous tumors.

+ It can help with your energy levels because it helps replenish your body’s storage of Iron.  Iron plays a huge role in our energy production.  If you are low in Iron you may feel fatigued.  Iron is also very helpful for Menstruation.  During that lovely time of the month we lose a lot of blood, that can also be a big contributor to low energy levels.  But by replacing those Blood/Iron levels it will help greatly! The minerals Magnesium and Calcium also help the prevent the blood from clotting, relieves cramps, and helps maintain the health of the uterine wall.

+ Molasses provides the vitamins needed to play a role in bone health { Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Copper }. By keeping up on these vitamins you can greatly reduce your risk of developing Osteoporosis when you are older. While Calcium is the major player in bone health, it also helps with the functioning enzyme system, the removal of toxins from the colon, and cell membrane functions.

+ It is great for our skin health! And who doesn’t want great looking skin??  Molasses has been shown to help with eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other skin conditions.  But because of the high concentration of antioxidants, it has been shown to also help lower wrinkles and skin lines, and other conditions that are associated with premature aging.

+ Molasses Extracts are also very good for our hair!  It helps to promote healthy growth, soften the hair, it conditions the hair, adds a rich texture, and helps it from prematurely graying.

+ It is great for those how are trying to lose weight or those who are trying to maintain!  Because it provides so many vitamins and minerals, boost energy, and contains no fat and only a whooping 32 calories per serving, it is a go-to for many!

Peppermint Ice Cream { Paleo, Vegan, Raw }

Happy Monday!! I’m going to help you guys start this week strong with a recipe that will help with your cravings!!  And I know I’m a little late with the peppermint, but really, who is tired of it?? I could eat this stuff all year long!  The best part of this recipe is the fact that it tastes just like vanilla ice cream!



+ 2 cans of coconut milk { full fat, it’s good for you! }

+ 1 tablespoon of peppermint extract

+ 1/3 cup of honey

+ 1/4 of a Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate Bar


1.  In a 2 quart pot pour the coconut milk, peppermint extract, and honey.  Over medium heat melt everything down to the same consistancy.  Stir periodically so it doesn’t burn.

2.  Once it is all melted down, pour into a container and place in freezer for 30-60 min. { depending on how much time you have }.

3.  Once it is done cooling off, get the ice cream maker ready.  Turn on the ice cream maker and pour in the ice cream mixture.  Churn it for 40-60 min. until desired consistency is reached.

4.  While the ice cream is churning, grate up the dark chocolate bar.  Leave for later.

5.  Once consistency is reached, scoop ice cream into a freezer safe container.  Scoop up the grated chocolate and pour on top of the ice cream and mix in.

6. Enjoy :)

Benefits of Fiber

I honestly never realized how important fiber was until I took the time to learn about it.  It does so much for our bodies, and most people are not getting adequate amounts daily.  But I’m not here to rant, I’m here to share with you guys all the benefits and what food has great amounts of it!


+ Digestion —>  I talk about this all the time, but it is so so important for our bodies to have good digestion/bowel movements.  Whole grain fiber is great for eliminating constipation.  When it is ate it will add bulk and when drank with a good amount of water it will soften the stool, which helps it leave the body easily.

+  Cancer —>  It reduces your chances of getting colon cancer.  They do not have a clear answer to why this is, but it is found that people who eat a high fiber diet rarely ever develop colon cancer.  But many people who have done the studies believe that it could be because the stool, which contains carcinogens, isn’t staying in the body very long, or long enough to do any harm to our bodies.

+  Healthy Hearts —>  Eating a high fiber diet will lower cholesterol levels.  It does this because foods that contain fiber do not have any of the bad fats that are harmful to our bodies.  This also can be helpful when trying to lose weight!

+  Weight Loss/Weight Management —>  Fiber is great for losing weight or just trying to maintain!  It is one of those foods that helps you feel fuller when you’re eating, and helps overall throughout the day so you won’t want to overeat.  This isn’t to say that you need to eat salads at every meal { unless you love them like I do! }, but adding a side of quinoa or veggies will help fill you up!  And because it doesn’t contain any bad fats, it will help your body start to shred that unwanted fat.

+  Blood Sugar —>  Getting enough and the right amounts of fiber will help slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates { which can cause sugar highs and then the fatigue and hunger followed after }.

+ Foods high in Fiber —>  Split peas, black beans, lentils, lima beans, artichokes, brussel sprouts, peas, broccoli, raspberries, blackberries, avocado, pears, oatmeal, prunes, almonds, pistachios, kidney beans, pumpkin, quinoa, and wild rice just to name a few ;) .

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle.  This is something that I feel we all struggle with in the beginning.  I know I did.  It has taken me a while to figure it out, figure out ways to fight cravings, ways to keep myself motivated and from going back to old ways.  So I decided it was time I share with you guys what works for me, I hope I can help at least one person with this <3HowToStartAHealthyLifestyle

Begin slowly:  Nothing great ever began over night.   Slowly start adding new foods into your diet.  You don’t need to try everything from under the sun.  Had I tried Kombucha, Chia Seeds, Brussel Sprouts, and Kale at the very beginning of my journey I would not be where I’m at today.  Certain foods had unique tastes, but most of it takes some time getting use to.  Remember, all the processed foods you’ve been eating, you’ve been eating it for years.  So you aren’t going to fall in love with every healthy food over night.

-Remove all temptations: How are you suppose to begin to love healthy foods when you are surrounded by temptations: boxed foods, cake, donuts, crackers, whatever it may be.  It’s going to be hard at work, so why make it harder on yourself by having that stuff at home.  Make your home a healthy safe environment.

-Switch from soda to water:  This is the best thing you can do for your body.  Our bodies are made up of 50-65% water, it is constantly using water to move things from point A to point B.  So why feed it sugar? Plus if you want that glowing skin, you will need water to help keep it looking young and supple. And by getting off of soda { or any sugary juice drink }, it will help you get rid of those cravings

-Add walking to your daily routine:  Don’t like exercising?  That’s fine. Start walking then.  It is one of the easiest forms of exercising, and will be great for any beginners who have not been moving their bodies for a while.  It can help decrease your stress levels, help reduce your chances of heart disease, and reduce your chances of depression.  So go get those bodies moving and get outside for a good 30 minute walk!  This simple addition to any lifestyle will help tremendously.

-Be open to trying new things: I know that a lot of people hate running.  There are also a lot who hate yoga, weight lifting, dancing, etc.  Just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean it is what you need to do.  I believe that being happy can make or break a healthy lifestyle.  So why force yourself to do something that you don’t like?  Go out and try new things.  Find something that you wake up excited to do.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just find something that you love.  It may take you a lot of things to try before you find something, but it will be worth it in the end.

-Find someone to do it with you:  This is huge!  Having someone help keep you accountable for your workouts, and even for eating healthy meals throughout the day is big!  If you have someone who is going to be waiting for you then you will be more likely to make that workout class or workout session.  And it will be just more fun and more laughs.  Working out doesn’t have to be a punishment, it can be something great. So grab a girlfriend { or guy-friend } this week and go try something new!  You won’t regret the laughs :) .

-Don’t restrict:  Restricting is only going to make you want it more.  Take it from me, I have huge cravings every day!  Some people believe that when you are first transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, that you shouldn’t recreate any recipes and make the healthy.  I think they are nuts.  We are all human, we all crave certain things.  So why not make a healthy version that will be giving us nutrients??  You won’t feel guilty about it, and you’ll fix that craving.  And don’t worry if you indulge every once in a while!! It’s okay to treat yourself, just don’t binge out and go crazy, I usually make it a meal or dessert.

Benefits of Citrus

One of my favorite types of foods to eat.  Seriously, I could eat these all year long { and trust me, I try to }. Citrus.  So sweet, yet sour, it’s the best of both worlds.  Especially for me since I loved sour candies growing up.


+ They are rich in flavonoids, which have anti-cancer properties in them. They hinder cancer cell growth, and prevent the spread of tumors.  These citrus flavonoids can also act as an antioxidant = neutralizing free radical.  Some studies have shown that they may also protect us against heart disease – They do this by improving the flow of blood in the arteries, reducing blood clots in the arteries, and preventing LDL { bad cholesterol } from forming.

+ They of course are great sources of Vitamin C ;) . And Vitamin C is an antioxidant as well, so you get double the power fighting off those free radicals { which can be caused from exercising }. The abundant amount of Vitamin C is also good for forming new collagen, which helps wounds heal and helps hold together our ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, and bones.

+  Citrus fruits also contain Potassium.  Potassium is technically an electrolyte and mineral.  It is vital for nerve function, heart contraction, and it has some enzymes that are involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

+ It helps with the absorption of Iron.  Vitamin C binds to Iron in the digestive tract, and both are then absorbed.  This is great when eating your leafy greens, because a lot of them actually have different types of properties { like phytate } which block the absorption of Iron.

+ They are rich in fiber, which is great for our digestive systems { more on fiber next week :) } The great grapefruit has the most fiber than all the others.

+ The Satsuma Mandarin { a seedless mandarin } was studied, and it proved to prevent tumor growth in the tongue, lung, and colon tissues because of the beta­cryptoxanthin and hesperidin present in it.

What’s your favorite citrus fruit??

Love Yourself First { TOL }

I’m talking mind, body, and soul today, linking up with Amanda!


Love. Supposedly it’s the universal symbol, and everybody understands it.  We can give and receive it to and from others.  But do we love ourselves?  I wonder if I stood in a busy section of a shopping center, how many people could honestly say they 100% love themselves.  Can you say you do?

We are now in a New Year.  Everybody makes resolutions.  A lot of them being to lose weight.  Some for themselves, some for others.  But whatever reason you’re deciding to change your lifestyle, make sure you are doing it for you.  If you’re doing it for someone else, the results will never last, and you’ll hate doing it.  Think of a time when you did something for yourself.  It felt pretty great right?  And you wanted to do it, so you made sure it happened.  Weightloss, or anything else is the same exact way.

If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect to love the results you’re getting?  We need to love ourselves at every stage of the process. So I challenge you, take a picture, hashtag it #RawNToned so I can see, and tell me 3-5 things that you love about yourself, here are mine.  They don’t have to be about your body, it can be anything :) .  The point is to see good in yourself, because we are all beautiful no matter what shape, size, or stage of life we are in. Let’s make these New Year’s Resolutions count for good this time around!  I’ll be posting healthy recipes and workouts, and motivation posts to help you get through it.  At any time you just need someone to talk to, feel free to email me, I’m always available to talk { } :)

What’s your New Year’s Resolution??